The Anix 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

2001 – A Division of You/01. Intro/02. Time/03. Hold Me Down/04. So Real/05. Strange/06. The Future (Melt)/07. Escape Reality/08. Lovesong/09. Stuck/10. Neo/11. Ending

2002 – Digital Rock/01. Decide/02.Rule The World/03. Digital Video/04. Connected/05. Static/06. Pixel Ghetto/07. The Surface/08. Escape Reality/09. Doom/10. Dr. Xavior/11. Paint It Black/12. Energy In The Sound/13. If Humans Had No Voice

2003 – Double Zero/01. Held Apart/02. Closer Again/03. Demanding/04. Shade Of Grey/05. The Change/06. Fade Away/07. Melt/08. Double Zero/09. Gravitation/10. Audio/11. Crash Test

2004 – An Illusion of Time/01. Its Not the Same/02. If Humans Had No Voice/03. Crash Test/04. Held Apart/05. Illusion/06. Closer Again/07. Through You/08. The Change/09. Flattened/10. Break Away/11. Sometimes/12. Ex

2005 – Play.Dance.Repeat/01. Through You/02. Stuck in a Phase/03. Sometimes/04. Dangerous/05. On and On/06. It’s Not the Same/07. Media/08. If Humans had No Voice/09. Stereo/10. Held Apart/11. This Game/12. Crash Test/13. Alone Again/14. Illusion/15. Decide

2008 – Demolition City/01. Bullets Without a Gun/02. Even If It Kills Me/03. She Lives in the Dark/04. Don’t Save Your Breath/05. Half the World Away/06. This Game/07. Nothing Lasts Forever/08. Long Way Out/09. The Ghost of Me and You/10. The Lowdown of a Fool

2011 – Sleepwalker/01. Enemy Eyes/02. Warning Signs/03. Cry Little Sister/04. Take My Future/05. Sleepwalker/06. Glass/07. Resident One/08. In The End/09. Endlessly/10. Long Way Out/11. In The Dark/12. The Passenger


CD 2

2017 – Ephemeral/01. Again/02. Nevermind/03. Sideways/04. Celestica/05. Mask/06. Remnants Of Us/07. Sleep/08. Without You/09. Stay/10. Vanished/11. Wait/12. Hollow/13. Sideways (Several Definitions Day Remix)/14. Sideways (Several Definitions Night Remix)

2018 – Shadow Movement/01. Race To Nowhere/02. Fight The Future/03. This Machine/04. Open Fire/05. Black Space/06. Come Back Down/07. Ghost/08. Overdrive/09. Interchanger/10. Clouds/11. Wasteland/12. Pendulum/13. Incomplete/14. Make Me Forget/15. Strategy X

2019 – Hologram/01. Renegade/02. Enemy In The Mirror/03. Everlasting Love/04. Interference/05. TECHUNTER 2.0/06. Chrome/07. Digital Bath/08. Live Forever/09. Talking In My Sleep/10. Disappear

2019 – Order – Disorder/01. Vanquish/02. Destruction/03. Night Fighter/04. Disintegrate/05. Decoy/06. Phantoms/07. Riot Division/08. Unbreakable/09. Holographic/10. Outsider

2020 – Graphite/01. Still Standing/02. Give It Up/03. Die With You/04. Do You Remember/05. Hideaway/06. If This World Is With You/07. Chains/08. Graphite/09. Parasite/10. Illusion Of Control/11. Nothing Matters/12. Defender/13. Die Without You


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