Phenomena [mp3]


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1985 – Phenomena/01. Kiss Of Fire/02. Still The Night/03. Dance With The Devil/04. Phoenix Rising/05. Believe/06. Who’s Watching You/07. Hell On Wings/08. Twilight Zone/09. Phenomena

1987 – Phenomena II – Dream Runner/01. Stop!/02. Surrender/03. Did It All For Love/04. Hearts On Fire/05. Jukebox/06. Double 6, 55,44…./07. No Retreat – No Surrender/08. Move – You Lose/09. Emotion Mama/10. It Must Been Love

1993 – Phenomena III – Inner Vision/01. If You Want To Rock/02. How Much Do You Love Me/03. What About Love/04. Rock House/05. Shape It Up/06. A Whole Lot Of Love/07. Rock My Soul/08. Secret Of Love/09. Into The Fire/10. Banzi

2006 – Psycho Fantasy/01. Sunrise/02. Touch My Life/03. Killing for the Thrill/04. So.Near So Far/05. Chemical High/06. Higher/07. 60 Seconds/08. Crazy Grooves/09. How.Do You Feel/10. All.That I Need/11. God.Forgives

2010 – Blind Faith/01. The Sky Is Falling/02. Blind Faith/03. Fighting/04. Liar/05. I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight/06. Angels Don’t Cry/07. If You Love Her/08. House Of Love/09. Don’t Ever Give Your Heart Away/10. One More Chance

2012 – Awakening/01. Smash It Up/02. Reality/03. Homeland/04. Going Away/05. Gotta Move/06. How Long/07. Shake/08. Fighter/09. Dancing Days/10. Stand Up For Love/11. Jaguar


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