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CD 1

1973 – See See the Sun/01. Reason For It All/02. Lyrics/03. Mouldy Wood/04. Lovely Luna/05. Hope For A Life/06. Ballet Of The Cripple/07. Forever Is A Lonely Thought/08. Mammoth/09. See See The Sun/10. Try To Write A Book (Bounus Track)

1974 – Kayak II/01. Alibi/2. Wintertime/03. Mountain Too Rough/04. They Get To Know Me/05. Serenades/06. Woe And Alas/07. Mirielle/08. Trust In The Machine/09. His Masters Noise/10. We Are Not Amused (Bonus Track)/11. Give It A Name (Bonus Track)

1975 – Royal Bed Bouncer/01. Royal Bed Bouncer/02. Life of Gold/03. You’re So Bizarre/04. Bury The World/05. Chance For A Lifetime/06. If This Is Your Welcome/07. Moments of Joy/08. Patricia Anglaia/09. Said No Word/10. My Heart Never Changed

1976 – The Last Encore/01. Back To The Front/02. Nothingness/03. Love Of A Victim/04. Land On The Water/05. The Last Encore/06. Do You Care/07. Still My Heart Cries For You/08. Relics From A Distant Age/09. Love Me Tonight Get On Board/10. Evocation/11. Raid Your Own House/12. Well Done

1977 – Starlight Dancer/01. Daughter or son/02. Starlight dancer/03. Want you to be mine/04. Letdown/05. Irene/06. Golddust/07. May/08. Turn the tide/09. Dead bird flies forever/10. Sweet revenge/11. Where do we go from here?/12. I want you to be mine (Bonus Track)/13. Irene (USA version) (Bonus Track)

1979 – Phantom of the Night/01. Winning Ways/02. Keep the Change/03. Ruthless Queen/04. Crime of Passion/05. First Signs of Spring/06. Daphne/07. The Poet and the One Man Band/08. No Man’s Land/09. Journey Through Time/10. Phantom of the Night/11. Ballad for a Lost Friend

1980 – Periscope Life/01. Astral Aliens/02. What’s in a Name/03. Stopthatsong/04. If You Really Need Me Now/05. Periscope Life/06. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers/07. The Sight/08. Lost Blue of Chartres/09. Anne/10. Oneway or Another/11. Sad to Say Farewell/12. Theme from Spelters (Part II)/13. Ivory Dance

1981 – Merlin/01. Merlin/02. Tintagel/03. The Sword In The Stone/04. The King’s Enchanter/05. Niniane (Lady Of The Lake)/06. Seagull/07. Boogie Heart/08. Now That We’ve Come This Far/09. Can’t Afford To Lose/10. Love’s Aglow

2000 – Close to the Fire/01. Close To The Fire/02. When Hearts Grow Cold/03. Dream Child/04. Frozen Flame/05. Forever/06. World’s Apart/07. Crusader/08. Two Wrongs (Don’t Make A Right)/09. Anybody’s Child/10. Here Today/11. Just A Matter Of Time/12. Full Circle/13. Ruthless Queen/14. Cried For Love (bonus track)/15. Love Lies (bonus track)

2001 – Night Vision/01. Icarus/02. Miracle Man/03. Cassandra/04. A Million Years/05. Water For Guns/06. The Way Of The World/07. Hold Me Forever/08. Tradition/09. All Over Again/10. Life Without Parole/11. How/12. Carry On Boy/13. Good Riddance/14. Rings Of Saturn

CD 2

2003 – Merlin – Bard of the Unseen/01. Merlin/02. Tintagel/03. The Future King/04. The Sword In The Stone/05. When The Seer Looks Away/06. Branded/07. At Arthur’s Court/08. The Otherworld/09. The Purest Of Knights/10. Friendship And Love/11. The King’s Enchanter/12. Niniane (Lady Of The Lake)/13. The Last Battle/14. Avalon

2005 – Nostradamus – The Fate of Man/CD1 – 01. The Secret Study/02. A Strange And Cryptic Tale/03. Friend Of The Stars/04. Celestial Science/05. The Student/06. Dance Of Death/07. Fresh Air, Running Water, Rose Pills/08. The Monk’s Comment 1/09. Seekers Of Truth 1/10. Dance Of Death 2/11. Save My Wife/12. The Monk’s Comment 2/13. Pagan’s Paradise/14. The Inquisition/15. The Wandering Years/16. The Monk’s Comment 3/17. If History Was Mine Alone/18. Friend Of The Stars 2/CD2 – 01. A Man With Remarkable Talents/02. Settle Down/03. The Monk’s Comment 4/04. The Flying Squadron/05. Dance Of Mirrors/06. A Royal Invitation/07. A Cruel Death + The Monk’s Comment 5/08. Tell Me All/09. The Tournament/10. The Golden Cage/11. Seekers Of Truth/12. Living In Two Realities/13. Act Of Despair/14. The Secret Study/15. The Centuries/16. (You Won’t Find Me) Alive At Sunrise/17. Friend Of The Stars/18. Epilogue – The Fate Of Man

2008 – Coming Up for Air/01. Alienation/02. Man In The Cocoon/03. Time Stand Still/04. Freezing/05. Medea/06. Daughter Of The Moon/07. Undecided/08. Sad State Of Affairs/09. About You Without You/10. The Mask And The Mirror/11. Selfmade Castle/12. What I’m About To Say/13. Wonderful Day/14. Broken White/15. Coming Up For Air

2009 – Letters from Utopia/CD1 – 01. Rhea/02. Because I…/03. Turbulence/04. Before The Angels Fell/05. Breaking The News/06. For All The Wrong Reasons/07. Under The Radar/08. Hard Work/09. Nobody Wins/CD2 – 01. Circles In The Sand/02. Never Was/03. Glass Bottom Boat/04. Horror In Action/05. A Whisper/06. Parallel Universe/07. Let The Record Show/08. Brothers In Rhyme/09. When The Love Has Gone/10. Letters From Utopia

2011 – Anywhere But Here/01. Credible Lie/02. November Morning/03. Behind The Scenes/04. Anywhere But Here/05. Most Underrated Band In The World/06. Hunter And Prey/07. In Between Tides/08. Passing Cloud/09. Demon In Her Eyes/10. Life Is Good/11. Wherever She Goes/12. Messinian Skies/13. Over You/14. Bang

2014 – Cleopatra – The Crown of Isisb/CD1 – 01. The Living Isis/02. A Family Divided/03. Alexandria/04. She Rules My World/05. Goodbye Pharos/06. Stranger In Rome/07. Hail/08. She Came She Saw She Conquered/09. The Ides Of March/10. Matters Of The Heart/11. The Curse Of Isis/CD2 – 01. Tarsus/02. Whatever It Takes/03. The Crown Of Isis/04. Philae/05. The Inimitable Livers/06. Queen Of Kings/07. Actium/08. Setting Things Straight/09. The Message/10. Larger Than Life/11. The Arms Of Isis/12. Alexandria Reprise/13. That Sacred Kiss

2018 – Seventeen/01. Somebody/02. La Peregrina/03. Falling/04. Feathers and Tar/05. Walk Through Fire/06. Ripples on the Water/07. All That I Want/08. X Marks the Spot/09. God on Our Side/10. Love, Sail Away/11. Cracks/12. To an End


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