Run – D.M.C [mp3]


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1984 – Run – D.M.C/01. Hard Times/02. Rock Box/03. Jam-Master Jay/04. Hollis Crew (Krush-Groove 2)/05. Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1)/06. It’s Like That/07. Wake Up/08. 30 Days/09. Jay’s Game/10. Rock Box (B-Boy Mix)/11. Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse)/12. Sucker M.C.’s (Live)/13. Russell & Larry Running At The Mouth

1985 – King Of Rock/01. Rock the House/02. King Of Rock/03. You Talk Too Much/04. Jam-Master Jammin’/05. Roots, Rap, Reggae/06. Can You Rock It Like This/07. You’re Blind/08. It’s Not Funny/09. Darryl And Joe (Krush-Groove 3)/10. Slow And Low (Demo)/11. Together Forever (Krush-Groove 4) (Live at Hollis Park ’84)/12. Jam-Master Jammin’ (Remix, Long Version)/13. King Of Rock (Live, From Live Aid)

1986 – Raising Hell/01. Peter Piper/02. It’s Tricky/03. My Adidas/04. Walk This Way/05. Is It Live/06. Perfection/07. Hit It Run/08. Raising Hell/09. You Be Illin’/10. Dumb Girl/11. Son Of Byford/12. Proud To Be Black/13. My Adidas (A Cappella)/14. Walk This Way (Demo)/15. Lord Of Lyrics (Demo)/16. Raising Hell Radio Tour Spot/17. Live At The Apollo Raw Vocal Commercial

1988 – Tougher Than Leather/01. Run’s House/02. Mary, Mary/03. They Call Us Run-DMC/04. Beats To The Rhyme/05. Radio Station/06. Papa Crazy/07. Tougher Than Leather/08. I’m Not Going Out Like That/09. How’d Ya Do It Dee/10. Miss Elaine/11. Soul To Rock And Roll/12. Ragtime/13. Beats To The Rhyme (Instrumental)/14. Crack (Demo)/15. Christmas In Hollis/16. Penthouse Ad

1990 – Back From Hell/01. Sucker D.J.’s/02. The Ave/03. What’s It All About/04. Bob Your Head/05. Faces/06. Kick the Frama Lama Lama/07. Pause/08. Word Is Born/09. Back From Hell/10. Don’t Stop/11. Groove to the Sound/12. P Upon A Tree/13. Naughty/14. Livin’ In The City/15. Not Just Another Groove/16. Party Time

1993 – Down With The King/01. Down With The King/02. Come On Everybody/03. Can I Get It, Yo/04. Hit ’em Hard/05. To The Maker/06. 3 In The Head/07. Ooh, Watcha Gonna Do/08. Big Willie/09. Three Little Indians/10. In The House/11. Can I Get A Witness/12. Get Open/13. What’s Next/14. Wreck Shop/15. For 10 Years

2001 – Crown Royal/01. It’s Over (feat. Jermaine Dupri)/02. Queens Day (feat. Nas & Prodigy Of Mobb Deep)/03. Crown Royal/04. Them Girls (feat. Fred Durst)/05. The School Of Old (feat. Kid Rock)/06. Take The Money And Run (feat. Everlast)/07. Rock Show (feat. Stephan Jenkins Of Third Eye Blind)/08. Here We Go 2001 (feat. Sugar Ray)/09. Ahhh (feat. Chris Davis)/10. Let’s Stay Together (feat. Jagged Edge)/11. Ay Papi (feat. Fat Joe)/12. Simmons Incorporated (feat. Method Man)/13. Walk This Way (Bonus Track)


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