Gogol Bordello [mp3]



1999 – Voi-La Intruder/01. Sacred Darling/02. Voi-La Intruder/03. Greencard Husband/04. Passport/05. Start Wearing Purple/06. Shy Kind Of Guy/07. Mussolini Vs. Stalin/08. Letter To Mother/09. God-Like/10. Nomadic Chronicle/11. Letter To Castro (Costumes For Tonight)/12. UnvisibleZedd/13. Sex Spider/14. No Threat/15. Against The Nature

2002 – Multi Kontra Culti vs Irony/01. When The Trickster Starts A-Poking/02. Occurence On The Border/03. Haltura/04. Let’s Get Radical/05. Smarkatch/06. Future Kings/07. Punk Rock Parranda/08. Through The Roof ‘n’ Underground/09. Baro Foro/10. Hats Off To Kolpakoff/11. Huliganjetta

2005 – East Infection/01. East Infection/02. Ave. B/03. Mala Vida/04. Copycat/05. Strange Uncles From Abroad/06. Madagascar-Roumania (Tu Jesty Fata)/07. Untitled

2005 – Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike/01. Sally/02. Never Young/03. Not A Crime/04. Immigrant Punk/05. 60 Revolutions/06. Avenue B/07. Dogs Were Barking/08. Oh No/09. Start Wearing Purple/10. Think Locally, Fuck Globally/11. Underdog World Strike/12. Illumination/13. Santa Marinella/14. Undestructable/15. Mishto

2007 – Super Taranta!/01. Ultimate/02. Wonderlust King/03. Zina-Marina/04. Supertheory Of Supereverything/05. Harem In Tuscany (Taranta)/06. Dub The Frequencies Of Love/07. My Strange Uncles From Abroad/08. Tribal Connection/09. Forces Of Victory/10. Alcohol/11. Suddenly…(I Miss Carpaty)/12. Your Country/13. American Wedding/14. Super Taranta!

2010 – Trans-Continental Hustle/01. Pala Tute/02. My Companjera/03. Sun Is on My Side/04. Rebellious Love/05. Immigraniada (We Cornin’ Rougher)/06. When Universes Collide/07. Uma Menina/08. Raise the Knowledge/09. Last One Goes the Hope/10. To Rise Above/11. In the Meantime in Pernambuco/12. Break the Spell/13. Trans-Continental Hustle

2013 – Pura Vida Conspiracy/01. We Rise Again/02. Dig Deep Enough/03. Malandrino/04. Lost Innocent World/05. It Is the Way You Name Your Ship/06. The Other Side of Rainbow/07. Amen/08. I Just Realized/09. My Gypsy Auto Pilot/10. Hieroglyph/11. John the Conqueror (Truth Is Always the Same)/12. We Shall Sail

2017 – Seekers and Finders/01. Did It All/02. Walking on the Burning Coal/03. Break into Your Higher Self/04. Seekers and Finders/05. Familia Bonfireball/06. Clearvoyance/07. Saboteur Blues/08. Love Gangsters/09. If I Ever Get Home Before Dark/10. You Know Who We Are (Uprooted Funk)/11. Still That Way


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