Легенды зарубежного рока 2ч [mp3]



001_Black Sabbath – God Is Dead
002_Deep Purple – Vincent Price
003_Kiss – Hell or Hallelujah
004_Status Quo – Bula Bula Quo (Kua Ni Lega)
005_The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom
006_Aerosmith – Legendary Child
007_ZZ Top -1 Gotsa Get Paid
008_Scorpions – Tainted Love
009_Doro – Raise Your Fist In The Air
010_U.D.O. – Heavy Rain
011_Megadeth – Super Collider
012_Accept – Stalingrad
013_Helloween – Nabataea
014_Manowar – Black List
015_Aerosmith feat. Carrie Underwood – Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
016_Deep Purple – All The Time In The World
017_Kiss – All For The Love of Rock & Roll
018_Status Quo – Looking Out For Caroline
019_Mark Knopfler – Don’t Forget Your Hat
020_Doro – Rock Till Death
021_U.D.O. – A Cry of a Nation
022_Megadeth – Dance In The Rain
023_Helloween – Hold Me In Your Arms
024_Aerosmith – Beautiful
025_Scorpions – Big City Nights
026_ZZ Top – Have A Little Mercy
027_Black Sabbath – Dear Father
028_Accept – Galley
029_Manowar – Manowarriors
030_The Rolling Stones – One More Shot
031_Deep Purple – Hell to Pay
032_Kiss – Long Way Down
033_Status Quo – All That Money
034_Aerosmith – Lover Alot
035_Doro feat. Gus G – Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing)
036_Scorpions – All Day And All Of The Night
037_ZZ Top -I Don’t Wanna Lose, Lose You
038_U.D.O. – Steelhammer
039_Megadeth – Kingmaker
040_Helloween – Straight Out Of Hell
041_Black Sabbath – Peace Of Mind
042_Accept – Revolution
043_Manowar – Hail, Kill And Die
044_Status Quo – Running Inside My Head
045_Aerosmith – What Could Have Been Love
046_Scorpions – Across The Universe
047_Kiss – Take Me Down Below
048_Deep Purple – A Simple Song
049_U.D.O. – Timekeeper
050_Doro – Free My Heart
051_Helloween – Live Now!
052_Megadeth – Burn!
053_Accept – Twist Of Fate
054_Scorpions – Rock You Like A Hurricane (re-recorded
055_Aerosmith – Luv XXX
056_Status Quo – Gogogo
057_ZZTop – It’s Too Easy Manana
058_Black Sabbath – Age Of Reason
059_U.D.O. – Shadows Come Alive
060_Manowar – Righteous Glory
061_Deep Purple – Out of Hand
062_Kiss – Wall of Sound
063_Scorpions – Tin Soldier
064_Aerosmith – Oh Yeah
065_Doro – Victory
066_Megadeth – Built for War
067_U.D.O. – When Love Becomes a Lie
068_Helloween – Far From The Stars
069_ZZ Top – Over You
070_Black Sabbath – Methademic
071_Status Quo – Run And Hide (The Gun Song)
072_The Rolling Stones – Plundered My Soul
073_Scorpions – Shapes Of Things
074_Aerosmith – Street Jesus
075_Deep Purple – Aprs vous
076_Kiss – Last Chance
077_Doro – Hero
078_U.D.O. – Basta Ya
079_Megadeth – All I Want
080_Helloween – Make Fire Catch The Fly
081_ZZ Top – Big Shiny Nine
082_Status Quo – Never Leave A Friend Behind
083_Black Sabbath – Damaged Soul
084_Aerosmith – Out Go The Lights
085_Scorpions – Still Loving You (re-recorded versions)
086_Accept – Hung, Drawn And Quartered
087_Doro – Strong And Proud
088_U.D.O. – Stay True
089_Megadeth – Off the Edge
090_Helloween – Waiting For The Thunder
091_Deep Purple – It’ll Be Me
092_Kiss – Freak
093_Scorpions – Ruby Tuesday
094_Aerosmith – Another Last Goodbye
095_Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World (Bula Edit)
096_ZZ Top – Consumption
097_Doro feat. Lemmy – It Still Hurts
098_U.D.O. – Take My Medicine
099_Megadeth – A House Divided
100_Black Sabbath – End Of The Beginning
101_Accept – Shadow Soldiers
102_The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up
103_Scorpions – The Zoo (re-recorded versions)
104_Aerosmith – Closer
105_Status Quo – Fiji Time
106_Deep Purple – Body Line
107_Kiss – Outta This World
108_Helloween – World Of War
109_Doro – Take No Prisoner
110_Megadeth – The Blackest Crow
111.U.D.O. – Metal Machine
112_Accept – H el If ire
113_Black Sabbath – Live Forever
114_Aerosmith – Something
115_ZZ Top – Chartreuse
116_Scorpions – Blackout (re-recorded versions)
117_Doro – Little Headbanger (Nackenbrecher)
118_Helloween – Another Shot Of Life
119_Deep Purple – Uncommon Man
120_Kiss – Eat Your Heart Out
121_Megadeth – Beginning of Sorrow
122_Accept – The Quick And The Dead
123_Status Quo – Frozen Hero
124_Aerosmith – Freedom Fighter
125_Scorpions – Children Of The Revolution
126_Manowar – The Kingdom Of Steel
127_Doro – Coldhearted Lover
128_U.D.O. – Death Ride
129_Helloween – Years
130_Black Sabbath – Pariah
131_ZZTop – Flyin’ High
132_Status Quo – Reality Cheque
133_Deep Purple – Weirdistan
134_Kiss – Shout Mercy
135_Scorpions – No One Like You (re-recorded versions)
136_Helloween – Church Breaks Down
137_Doro – Sealed In Blood (Human Rights)
138_Megadeth – Forget to Remember
139JJ.D.O. – Book of Faith
140_Accept – Flash To Bang Time
141_Manowar – El Gringo
142_Black Sabbath – Loner
143_Aerosmith – Tell Me
144_Status Quo – Living On An Island (Fiji Style)
145_Kiss – Back to the Stone Age
146_Scorpions – Rhythm Of Love (re-recorded versions)
147_Deep Purple – Above and Beyond
148_Megadeth – Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover)
149_Accept – Against The World
150_Helloween – Wanna Be God
151_Doro – Revenge
152_U.D.O. – Devil’s Bite
153_Aerosmith – We All Fall Down
154_The Rolling Stones – No Spare Parts
155_ZZTop – Heartache In Blue
156_Kiss – The Devil Is Me
157_Megadeth – Don’t Turn Your Back
158_Black Sabbath – Zeitgeist
159_Deep Purple – Blood from a Stone
160_Scorpions – Wind Of Change (re-recorded versions)


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