Sparks – Annette (Cannes Edition – Selections From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2021)


Музыкальный компакт диск (Audio CD)

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1. Sparks, Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, Simon Helberg So May We Start 3:44
2. Sparks, Marion Cotillard True Love Always Finds A Way 1:25
3. Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard We Love Each Other So Much 3:32
4. Simon Helberg I’m An Accompanist 1:24
5. Marion Cotillard, Catherine Trottmann Aria (The Forest) 3:17
6. Sparks, Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard She’s Out Of This World! 2:23
7. Sparks, Six Women Six Women Have Come Forward 2:03
8. Sparks, Adam Driver You Used To Laugh 2:13
9. Marion Cotillard Girl From The Middle Of Nowhere 2:57
10. Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard Let’s Waltz In The Storm! 3:33
11. Adam Driver, Hebe Griffiths, Marion Cotillard, Catherine Trottmann We’ve Washed Ashore / Baby Aria (The Moon) / I Will Haunt You, Henry 4:49
12. Adam Driver, Wim Opbrouck Premiere Performance Of Baby Annette 2:13
13. Adam Driver All The Girls 1:19
14. Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, Catherine Trottmann Stepping Back In Time 2:04
15. Adam Driver, Devyn McDowell Sympathy For The Abyss 3:51

Стиль: Rock, Pop


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