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1999 – Slipknot/01. 742617000027/02. (Sic)/03. Eyeless/04. Wait And Bleed/05. Surfacing/06. Spit It Out/07. Tattered & Torn/08. Purity [Bonustrack]/09. Liberate/10. Prosthetics/11. No Life/12. Diluted/13. Only One/14. Scissors/15. Eeyore/16. Me Inside

2001 – Iowa/01. [515]/02. People = Shit/03. Disasterpiece/04. My Plague/05. Everything Ends/06. The Heretic Anthem/07. Gently/08. Left Behind/09. The Shape/10. I Am Hated/11. Skin Ticket/12. New Abortion/13. Metabolic/14. Iowa/15. Liberate Live [Bonus Track]

2004 – Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses/СD1 – 01. Prelude 3.0/02. The Blister Exists/03. Three Nil/04. Duality/05. Opium Of The People/06. Circle/07. Welcome/08. Vermilion/09. Pulse Of The Maggots/10. Before I Forget/11. Vermilion Pt. 2/12. The Nameless/13. The Virus Of Life/14. Danger – Keep Away/15. Scream/CD2 – 01. Don’t get close/02. Scream/03. Vermilion (US Edit Single Mix)/04. Danger – keep away (Full Length)/05. Disasterpiece (Live in London)/06. New Abortion (Live)/07. People = Shit (Live)

2008 – All Hope Is Gone/01. .execute./02. Gematria (The Killing Name)/03. Sulfur/04. Psychosocial/05. Dead Memories/06. Vendetta/07. Butcher’s Hook/08. Gehenna/09. This Cold Black/10. Wherein Lies Continue/11. Snuff/12. All Hope Is Gone/13. Child Of Burning Time/14. Vermilion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix)/15. ‘Til We Die

2014 – .5 The Gray Chapter/01. XIX/02. Sarcastrophe/03. AOV/04. The Devil In I/05. Killpop/06. Skeptic/07. Lech/08. Goodbye/09. Nomadic/10. The One That Kills The Least/11. Custer/12. Be Prepared For Hell/13. The Negative One/14. If Rain Is What You Want/15. Override/16. The Burden

2019 – We Are Not Your Kind/01. Insert Coin/02. Unsainted/03. Birth of the Cruel/04. Death Because of Death/05. Nero Forte/06. Critical Darling/07. A Liar’s Funeral/08. Red Flag/09. What’s Next/10. Spiders/11. Orphan/12. My Pain/13. Not Long for This World/14. Solway Firth/15. All Out Life


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