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CD 1

1969 – Beginnings/01. Genesis/02. Everybody’s Next One/03. Knocking Nails Into My House/04. Roach Daddy/05. Ain’t Got No Heart/06. Pity The Mother/07. Mad Dog Cole/08. Fly Me High/09. If This World Were Mine/10. Martha My Dear/11. Born To Be Wild/12. Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind

1970 – Play It Loud/01. Raven/02. See Us Here/03. Dapple Rose/04. Could I/05. One Way Hotel/06. The Shape Of Things To Come/07. Know Who You Are/08. I Remember/09. Pouk Hill/10. Angelina/11. Dirty Joker/12. Sweet Box

1972 – Slayed/01. How D’You Ride/02. The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazee/03. Look At Last Nite/04. I Won’t Let It ‘Appen Agen/05. Move Over/06. Gudbuy T’Jane/07. Gudbuy Gudbuy/08. Mama Weer All Crazee Now/09. I Don’ Mind/10. a. Let The Good Times Roll – b. Feel So Fine

1974 – Old New Borrowed And Blue/01. Just A Little Bit/02. When The Lights Are Out/03. My Town/04. Find Yourself A Rainbow/05. Miles Out To Sea/06. We’re Really Gonna Raise The Roof/07. Do We Still Do It/08. How Can It Be/09. Don’t Blame Me/10. My Friend Stan/11. Everyday/12. Good Time Gals

1974 – Slade in Flame/01. How Does It Feel?/02. Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing/03. So Far So Good/04. Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)/05. O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday./06. Far Far Away/07. This Girl/08. Lay It Down/09. Heaven Knows/10. Standin’ On The Corner

1976 – Nobody’s Fools/01. Nobody’s Fool/02. Do The Dirty/03. Let’s Call It Quits/04. Pack Up Your Troubles/05. In For A Penny/06. Get On Up/07. L.A. Jinx/08. Did Your Mama Ever Tell Ya/09. Scratch My Back/10. I’m A Talker/11. AII The World Is A Stage

1977 – Whatever Happened To Slade/01. Be/02. Lightning Never Strikes Twice/03. Gypsy Roadhog/04. Dogs Of Vengeance/05. When Fantasy Calls/06. 0ne Eyed Jacks Witch Moustaches/07. Big Apple Blues/08. Dead Men Don’t Tell No Tales/09. She’s Got The Lot/10. It Ain’t Love But It Ain’t Bad/11. The Soul, The Roll And The Motion

1979 – Return To Base/01. Wheels Ain’t Coming Down/02. Hold On Your Hats/03. Chakeeta/04. Don’t Waste Your Time (Back Seat Star)/05. Sign Of The Times/06. I’m A Rocker/07. Nut Bolts And Screws/08. My Baby’s Got It/09. I’m Mad/10. Lemme Love Into Ya/11. Ginny, Ginny/12. 9 To 5 (bonus)/13. Two Track Stereo – One Track Mind (bonus)

1981 – Till Deaf Do Us Part/01. Rock And Roll Preacher (Hallelujah I’m On Fire)/02. Lock Up Your Daughters/03. Till Deaf Do Us Part/04. Ruby Red/05. She Brings Out The Devil In Me/06. A Night To Remember/07. M’Hat, M’Coat/08. It’s Your Body Not Your Mind/09. Let The Rock Roll Out Of Control/10. That Was No Lady That Was My Wife/11. Knuckle Sandwich Nancy/12. Till Deaf Resurrected

CD 2

1981 – We’ll Bring The House Down/01. We’ll Bring the House Down/02. Night Starvation/03. Wheels ain’t Coming Down/04. Hold on to Your Hats/05. When I’m Dancing I Ain’t Fightin’/06. Dizzy Mamma/07. Nuts Bolts and Screws/08. My Baby’s Got It/09. Lemme Love inyo Ya/10. I’m a Rocker

1983 – The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome/01. Slam The Hammer Down/02. In The Dog House/03. Run Runaway/04. High And Dry/05. My Oh My/06. Cocky Rock Boys (Rule OK)/07. Ready To Explode. The Warm Up. The Grid. The Race. The Dream./08. (And Now The Waltz) C’est La Vie/09. Cheap ‘N’ Nasty Luv/10. Razzle Dazzle Man

1984 – Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply/01. Run Runaway/02. My Oh My/03. High And Dry/04. Slam The Hammer Down/05. In The Doghouse/06. Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply/07. Cheap ‘N’ Nasty Luv/08. Can’t Tame A Hurricane/09. (And Now–The Waltz) C’est La Vie/10. Ready To Explode I The Warm Up II The Grid HI The Race IV The Dream

1985 – Crackers! The Christmas Party Album/01. Merry Xmas Everybody/02. Let’s Dance/03. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/04. When I’m Dancin I Ain’t Fighting/05. We’ll Bring The House Down/06. Cum On Feel The Noize/07. All Join Hands/08. Do You Believe In Miracles/09. Let’s Have A Party/10. Get Down And Get With It/11. My Oh My/12. Run Runaway/13. Mama Weer All Crazee Now/14. Okey Cokey/15. Here’s To The New Year/16. Auld Lang Syne – You’ll Never Walk Alone

1985 – Rogues Gallery/01. Hey ho Wish You Well/02. Little Sheila/03. Memory/04. Myzsterious Mizster Jones/05. Walking On Water, Running On Alcohol/06. 7 Year Bitch/07. Ml be There/08. I Win, You Lost/09. Time to Rock/10. All Join Hands

1987 – You Boyz Make Big Noize/01. Love Is Like A Rock/02. That’s What Friends Are For/03. Still The Same/04. Fools Go Crazy/05. She’s Heavy/06. We Won’t Give In/07. Won’t You Rock With Me/08. Ooh La La In L. A./09. Me And The Boys/10. Sing Shout (Knock Yourself Out)/11. The Roaring Silence/12. It’s Hard Having Fun Nowadays

1994 – Keep On Rockin!/01. I Hear Ya Callin’/02. Hot Luv/03. Do You Want Me/04. Black And White World/05. Miracle/06. Cum On Let’s Party/07. Jonny Played The Guitar/08. Howlin’ Wind/09. Red Hot/10. Dirty Foot Lane/11. Merry Xmas Now (Bonus)

2002 – Cum On Let’s Party/01. Cum On Let’s Party!/02. Johnny Played The Guitar/03. Run Run Rudolph/04. Merry Xmas Now!/05. Black & White World/06. Hold On To Love/07. Take Me Home/08. Wild Nites/09. I Hear Ya Callin’/10. Red Hot/11. Some Exercise (Bonus Track)


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