Secret Garden [mp3]




Songs From A Secret Garden/01- Nocturne/02- Pastorate/03- Song From A Secret Garden/04- Sigma/05- Papillion/06- Serenade/07- Atlantia/08- Heartstrings/09- Adagio/10- The Rap/11- Chaconne/12- Cantoluna/13- Ode To Simplicity/14 I Know a Rose Tree (bonus track)

1997 – White Stones/01- Steps/02- Poème/03- Hymn to Hope/04- Moving/05- First Day of Spring/06- Passacaglia/07- Reflection/08- Windancer/09- Appassionata/10- Escape/11- Sanctuary/12- Celebration/13- Home/14- Illumination

1999 – Dawn Of A New Century/01- Moongate/02- Prayer/03- Elan/04- Dreamcatcher/05- Sona/06- In Our Tears/07- Children Of The River/08- Evensong/09- Lore Of The Loom/10- Aria/11- Divertimento/12- Aquarell/13- Dawn Of A New Century

2002 – Once In A Red Moon/01- Awakening/02- You Raise Me Up/03- Silent Wings/04- Greenwaves/05- Invitation/06- Duo/07- Belonging/08- Gates Of Dawn/09- The Promise/10- Fairytale/11- Once In A Red Moon/12- Elegie

2004 – Earthsongs/01. Sometimes When It Rains/02. Fields Of Fortune/03. The Reel/04. Always There (feat. Russell Watson)/05. When Darkness Falls/06. Sleepsong/07. Lotus/08. Searching For The Past/09. Silence Speaks/10. Daughters Of Erin/11. Half A World Away/12. Canzona/13. Sarabande/14. Grace/15. Raise Your Voices/16. Always There (feat. Hins Cheung) (Chinese Version)

2007 – Inside I’m Singing/01. Anne Takle – Nocturne/02. Peter Joback – Thank You/03. Elaine Paige – The Things You Are to Me/04. Tommy Korberg – If Came the Hour/05. Theme From the Mermaid Chair/06. Tracey Campbell – Sometimes a Prayer Will Do/07. Steinar Albrigtsen – Song for a Stormy Night/08. Barbra Streisand – I’ve Dreamed of You/09. Peter Corry – Did I Not Love You/10. Niamh Kavanagh – Simply You/11. Espen Grjotheim – My Land/12. Sortie/13. Brian Kennedy – You Raise Me Up/14. Katherine Jenkins – Questo e Per Te/15. Josh Groban – You Raise Me Up/16. Katherine Jenkins – Le Cose Che Sei Per Me

2011 – Winter Poem/01- Make A Wish/02- Song For A New Beginning/03- The Dream/04- Frozen in Time/05- Anticipation /06- Fionnuala’s Cookie Jar/07- Mary’s Lament /08- Song At The End Of The Day /09- Lament For A Frozen Flower/10- Powered By Nature/11- Suite
2014 – Just The Two Of Us/01. Sometimes When It Rains/02. Heartstrings/03. Awakening/04. The Promise/05. Reflection/06. Ode To Simplicity/07. Poeme/08. Sortie/09. Just The Two Of Us /10. Song From A Secret Garden/11. En Passant/12. Nocturne/13. Papillon/14. Belonging/15. Serenade To Spring/16. Song At The End Of The Day/17. You Raise Me Up

2019 – Storyteller/01. The Pilot/02. Beyond The Blue/03. Beautiful (feat. Brian Kennedy)/04. Flow/05. Song To A Child/06. Nostalgia/07. Open Doors/08. Sunshine (feat. Cathrine Iversen)/09. One More Chance/10. Fantasia/11. The Voyage/12. Strength (feat. Espen Grjotheim)/13. End Of A Journey


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