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CD 1

1998 – 45 RPM/01. Introjection/02. I’m Cornin’ (To Take You Away)/03. For An Angel/04. 45 RPM/05. Spannung (Tension)/06. Emergency!/07. Rushin’ (Revolutions Per Minute)/08. Step Right On/09. A World Full Of DJ’s/10. A Magical Moment/11. Ejeculoutro/12. For An Angel (PVD’s E-Werk Club Mix)

1998 – Seven Ways/01. Home/02. Seven Ways/03. Heaven/04. I Like It/05. Come (And Get It)/06. Forbidden Fruit/07. Beautiful Place/08. People/09. The Greatness Of Britain/10. I Can’t Feel It/11. Words

2000 – Out There And Back/01. Vega/02. Pikes/03. Another Way/04. Travelling/05. Avenue/06. Tell Me Why (The Riddle)/07. Together We Will Conquer/08. Face To Face/09. The Love From Above/10. Columbia/11. Out There And Back/12. We Are Alive

2002 – Zurdo (Musica Original De La Pelicula)/01. The Game/02. Te Amo/03. Buenaventura/04. La Fiesta De Las Canicas/05. Escape/06. Chupacabras/07. Zurdo In Love/08. Excitation/09. Santa Maria/10. Animacion/11. Otro Dia

2004 – Reflections/01. Crush/02. Time Of Our Lives/03. Like A Friend/04. Reflections/05. Nothing But You/06. Buenaventura/07. Homage/08. Never Forget/09. Knowledge/10. That’s Life/11. Connected/12. Spellbound/13. Kaleidoscope

2007 – In Between/01. Haunted(feat. Lo-Fi Sugar)/02. White Lies(feat. Jessica Sutta)/03. Sabotage/04. Complicated(feat. Ashley Tomberlin)/05. Get Back(feat. Ashley Tomberlin)/06. Far Away(with Guiseppe Ottaviani)/07. Another Sunday(feat. Ben Lost)/08. Talk In Grey(feat. Ryan Merchant)/09. In Circles(with Alex M.O.R.P.H.)/10. In Between/11. Stormy Skies(feat. Wayne Jackson)/12. Detournement/13. New York City(with Starkillers & Austin Leeds feat. Ashely Tomberlin)/14. Castaway(feat. Lo-Fi Sugar)/15. La Dolce Vita(with Guiseppe Ottaviani)/16. Let Go(feat. Rea)/17. Fall With Me(feat. David Byrne)

CD 2

2012 – Evolution/01. Symmetries(feat. Austin Leeds)/02. The Ocean(feat. Arty)/03. Eternity(feat. Adam Young)/04. Verano(feat. Austin Leeds)/05. I Don’t Deserve You(feat. Plumb)/06. The Sun After Heartbreak(feat. Sue McLaren)/07. Rock This/08. Dae Yor(feat. Ummet Ozcan)/09. All The Way(feat. Tyler Michaud & Fisher)/10. If You Want My Love(feat. Caligola)/11. Lost In Berlin(feat. Michelle Leonard)/12. Everywhere(feat. Fieldwork)/13. A Wonderful Day(feat. Giuseppe Ottaviani)/14. We Come Together(feat. Sue McLaren)/15. Heart Stops Beating

2015 – The Politics of Dancing 3/01. Heart Like an Ocean(& Mark Eteson Ft. Tricia McTeague)/02. Lights(Feat. Sue McLaren)/03. My World(& Mohamed Ragab Feat. Jahala)/04. Around the Garden (Paul van Dyk Remix)/05. What We’re Livin For(& Michael Tsukerman Feat. Patrick Droney)/06. In Your Arms(& Giuseppe Ottaviani Ft. Fisher)/07. Come With Me (We Are One) (Paul van Dyk Festival Mix)/08. Guardian(& Aly & Fila Feat. Sue McLaren)/09. Love Is(& Las Salinas Ft. Betsie Larkin)/10. For You(& Genix)/11. Follow Me(& Stoneface & Terminal)/12. City of Sound(& Jordan Suckley)/13. Only In a Dream(& Adham Ashraf Feat. Tricia McTeague) (PvD Club Mix)/14. Louder(& Roger Shah Ft. Daphne Khoo) (PvD vs Ben Nicky Remix)/15. The Politics of Dancing 3 (Continuous Mix)

2017 – From Then On/01. While You Were Gone (Feat. Vincent Corver)/02. Inhale (Feat. M.I.K.E. Push & Fred Baker)/03. Touched By Heaven/04. I Am Alive/05. Everyone Needs Love (Feat. Gelderen, Gaelan & Lumiere)/06. Breaking Dawn (Feat. Alex M.O.R.P.H.)/07. Vortex (Feat. James Cottle)/08. The Code (Feat. Jordan Suckley)/09. Stronger Together (Feat. Pierre Pienaar)/10. From Then On (Feat. Leroy Moreno)/11. Fairytales (Feat. Steve Allen)/12. Close Call (Feat. Tristan D)/13. Escape Reality Tonight (Feat. Emanuele Braveri & Rebecca Louise Burch)/14. Safe Haven

2018 – Music Rescues Me/01. Amanecer(& Lostly)/02. You Are(& Sue McLaren)/03. Voyager(& Alex M.O.R.P.H.)/04. Echoes(& James Cottle)/05. Solar Snapshot(& Chris Bekker)/06. Music Rescues Me(& Plumb) (Pvd Club Mix)/07. Aurora(& Steve Dekay)/08. Future Memories(& Saad Ayub)/09. Moments With You(& Rafael Osmo)/10. Lost Angels(& Delta One)/11. Accelerator/12. Mission Control/13. Made Of Stars(& Project 8)/14. Time Traveler/15. Reprise

2020 – Guiding Light/01. Deep Within(feat. Vincent Corver)/02. Guiding Light(feat. Sue McLaren)/03. You Found Me(feat. Saad Ayub)/04. Exhale(feat. Shedona)/05. Awakening(feat. Will Atkinson)/06. Remedy(feat. Danny Eaton)/07. Parallel Dimension(feat. Elated)/08. First Contact(feat. Kinetica)/09. Duality/10. Resource(feat. Eugenio Tokarev)/11. Impact(feat. Steve Dekay & Vision X)/12. Covered In Gold(feat. Bo Bruce)/13. Galaxy(feat. Vini Vici)/14. Velvet Sky(feat. Chris Bekker)


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