In This Moment [mp3]


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2007 – Beautiful Tragedy/01. Whispers Of October/02. Prayers/03. Beautiful Tragedy/04. Ashes/05. Daddy’s Falling Angel/06. The Legacy Of Odio/07. This Moment/08. Next Life/09. He Said Eternity/10. Circles/11. When The Storm Subsides/12. Beautiful Tragedy (Radio Mix)/13. Have No Fear/14. Beautiful Tragedy (Acoustic)

2008 – The Dream/01. The Rabbit Hole/02. Forever/03. All For You/04. Lost At Sea/05. Mechanical Love/06. Her Kiss/07. Into The Light/08. You Always Believed/09. The Great Divide/10. Violet Skies/11. The Dream/12. Call Me/13. Dying Star/14. Sailing Away

2010 – A Star-Crossed Wasteland/01. The Gun Show/02. Just Drive/03. The Promise/04. Standing Alone/05. A Star-Crossed Wasteland/06. Blazin/07. The Road/08. Iron Army/09. The Last Cowboy/10. World In Flames/11. Remember/12. A Star-Crossed Wasteland (Unplugged)

2012 – Blood/01. Rise With Me/02. Blood/03. Adrenalize/04. Whore/05. You’re Gonna’ Listen/06. It Is Written/07. Burn/08. Scarlet/09. Aries/10. From The Ashes/11. Beast Within/12. Comanche/13. The Blood Legion/14. 1111/15. Remember

2014 – Black Widow/01. The Infection/02. Sex Metal Barbie/03. Big Bad Wolf/04. Dirty Pretty/05. Black Widow/06. Sexual Hallucination feat. Brent Smith of Shinedown/07. Sick Like Me/08. Bloody Creature Poster Girl/09. The Fighter/10. Bones/11. Natural Born Sinner/12. Into The Darkness/13. Out Of Hell/14. Turn You (Bonus Track)/15. Rib Cage (Bonus Track)

2017 – Ritual/01. Salvation/02. Oh, Lord/03. Black Wedding (feat. Rob Halford)/04. In The Air Tonight/05. Joan Of Arc/06. River Of Fire/07. Witching Hour/08. Twin Flames/09. Half God Half Devil/10. No Melmporta/11. Roots/12. Lay Your Gun Down/13. Creep

2020 – Mother/01. The Beginning (Interlude)/02. Fly Like An Eagle/03. The Red Crusade (Interlude)/04. The In-Between/05. Legacy/06. We Will Rock You (Ft. Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale, And Taylor Momsen)/07. Mother/08. As Above, So Below/09. Born In Flames/10. God Is She/11. Holy Man/12. Hunting Grounds (Ft. Joe Cotela Of Ded)/13. Lay Me Down/14. Into Dust


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