Imagine Dragons [mp3]


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2012 – Night Visions/01. Radioactive/02. Tiptoe/03. It’s Time/04. Demons/05. On Top Of The World/06. Amsterdam/07. Hear Me/08. Every Night/09. Bleeding Out/10. Underdog/11. Nothing Left To Say – Rocks/12. Working Man/13. Fallen

2015 – Smoke + Mirrors/CD1 – 01. Shots/02. Geld/03. Smoke And Mirrors/04. I’m So Sorry/05. I Bet My Life/06. Polaroid/07. Friction/08. It Comes Back To You/09. Dreams/10. Trouble/11. Summer/12. Hopeless Opus/13. The Fall/CD2 – 01. Thief/02. The Unknown/03. Second Chances/04. Release/05. Warriors/06. Battle Cry/07. Monster/08. Who We Are

2017 – Evolve/01. I Don’t Know Why/02. Whatever It Takes/03. Believer/04. Walking The Wire/05. Rise Up/06. I’ll Make It Up To You/07. Yesterday/08. Mouth Of The River/09. Thunder/10. Start Over/11. Dancing In The Dark/12. Levitate/13. Not Today/14. Believer (Kaskade Remix)/15. Roots (Japan Bonus Track)

2018 – Origins/01. Natural/.02. Boomerang/03. Machine/04. Cool Out/05. Bad Liar/06. West Coast/07. Zero (From”Ralph Breaks The Internet”)/08. Bulletin A Gun/09. Digital/10. Only/11. Stuck/12. Love/13. Birds/14. Burn Out/15. Real Life/16. Born To Be Yours (with Kygo)

2021 – Mercury – Act 1/01. My Life/02. Lonely/03. Wrecked/04. Monday/05. #1/06. Easy Come Easy Go/07. Giants/08. It’s Ok/09. Dull Knives/10. Follow You/11. Cutthroat/12. No Time for Toxic People/13. One Day/14. Enemy (feat. JID)(from the series “Arcane”) (bonus)


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