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1982 – Words/01. Words/02. Pick Up The Phone/03. Take Me Back/04. Music/05. Someone To Love/06. Rocker Blues/07. Givin’ It Up/08. He/09. Porcelain Eyes/10. Can’t Get Enough/11. When The Sun Goes Down (Bonus)

1984 – Long Distance Flight/01. This Time I Have To Win/02. Girl (You Are My Song)/03. Dream Away/04. Liberty/05. Long Distance Flight/06. Stay/07. Feedback Delay/08. Is It Magic/09. Good Times/10. All I’ve Got/11. I Need You (Bonus)

1987 – Reflections/01. Sun/02. One Love/03. I Surrender/04. Don’t Go/05. For Nothing/06. Sahara Night/07. I Keep Waiting/08. Sign In My Life/09. Shooting Star/10. I’ll Try To Love Again (Bonus)/11. Someone To Lead Me (Bonus)

1999 – Words – ’99 Version/01. Words (Groove Mix)/02. Sahara’s Night/03. Pick Up The Phone/04. Year Of The Cat/05. I’m Not In Love/06. I Like Chopin/07. I Need You/08. Everywhere I Go/09. Words (Version ’99)/10. Pick Up The Phone (Original Version)/11. I Need You (Original Version)/12. Long Distance Flight (Original Version)/13. Words (Original Version)

2007 – The Wheel/01 Words (J’Aime Ces Mots)/02 In My Mind/03 The Wheel/04 The Keeper of the Flame/05 Heartsing/06 In Case You Don’t Know/07 The First to Know/08 You Came to the Right Place/09 Some People Never Learn/10 Don’t Tell Me How to Feel/11 Dead Star/12 Words

2008 – Numbers/01. The 1st To Know/02. Yasmeen/03. The Wheel/04. I’ll Try To Love Again/05. Taxi/06. In My Mind/07. Dead Star/08. Some People Never Learn/09. What I Get/10. Be Blue/11. Heart String/12. Miss Me/13. Taxi – Dance Remix/14. Pick Up The Phone 2009

2013 – Midnight Drive/01. The Things I Missed/02. Inspiration/03. Miss You Now.me/04. Control/05. Echoes & Reflections/06. Serious Love/07. Searching Their Hearts/08. So Good/09. Go Find Somebody New/10. Midnight Drive


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