Whitesnake 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1978 – Trouble/01. Take Me With You/02. Love To Keep You Warm/03. Lie Down (A Modern Love Song)/04. Day Tripper (The Beatles cover)/05. Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)/06. The Time Is Right For Love/07. Trouble/08. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick/09. Free Flight/10. Don’t Mess With Me

1979 – Lovehunter/01. Long Way From Home/02. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues/03. Help Me Thro’ The Day/04. Medicine Man/05. You ‘n’ Me/06. Mean Business/07. Love Hunter/08. 0utlaw/09. Rock ‘n’ Roll Women/10. We Wish You Well

1980 – Ready An’ Willing/01. Fool For Your Loving/02. Sweet Talker/03. Ready An’ Willing/04. Carry Your Load/05. Blindman/06. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More/07. Love Man/08. Black And Blue/09. She’s A Woman

1981 – Come An’ Get It/01. Come An’ Get It/02. Hot Stuff/03. Don’t Break My Heart Again/04. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights/05. Wine, Women An’ Song/06. Child Of Babylon/07. Would I Lie To You/08. Girl/09. Hit An’ Run/10. Till The Day I Die

1984 – Slide It In/01. Gambler/02. Slide It In/03. Standing In The Shadow/04. Give Me More Time/05. Love Ain’t No Stranger/06. Slow An’ Easy/07. Spit It Out/08. AII Or Nothing/09. Hungry For Love/10. Guilty Of Love

1987 – Whitesnake/01. Crying In The Rain/02. Bad Boys/03. Still Of The Night/04. HereIGo Again/05. Give Me All Your Love/06. 1s This Love/07. Children Of The Night/08. Straight For The Heart/09. Don’t Turn Away

1989 – Slip Of The Tongue/01. Slip Of The Tongue/02. Cheap An’ Nasty/03. Fool For Your Loving/04. Now You’re Gone/05. Kittens Got Claws/06. Wings Of The Storm/07. The Deeper The Love/08. Judgment Day/09. Slow Poke Music/10. Sailing Ships

1997 – Restless Heart/01. Don’t Fade Away/02. AII In The Name Of Love/03. Restless Heart/04. Too Many Tears/05. Crying/06. Stay With Me/07. Can’t Go On/08. You’re So Fine/09. Your Precious Love/10. Take Me Back Again/11. Woman Trouble Blues/12. Anything You Want/13. Can’t Stop Now/14. 0i

CD 2

2008 – Good To Be Bad/01. Best Years/02. Can You Hear The Wind Blow/03. Call On Me/04. AII I Want All I Need/05. Good To Be Bad/06. AII For Love/07. Summer Rain/08. Lay Down Your Love/09. A Fool In Love/10. Got What You Need/11. Til The End Of Time/12. AII For Love (Altmix)/13. Summer Rain (Unzipped Acoustic)

2011 – Forevermore/01. Steal Your Heart Away/02. AII Out Of Luck/03. Love Will Set You Free/04. Easier Said Than Done/05. Tell Me How/06. 1 Need You (Shine A Light)/07. 0ne of These Days/08. Love and Treat Me Right/09. Dogs In the Street/10. Fare Thee Well/11. Whipping Boy Blues/12. My Evil Ways/13. Forevermore/14. Love Will Set You Free (Alt Mix)/15. Forevermore (Acoustic Version)/16. My Evil Ways (My Evil Drums Mix)

2015 – The Purple Album/01. Burn/02. You Fool No One/03. Love Child/04. Sail Away/05. The Gypsy/06. Lady Double Dealer/07. Mistreated/08. Holy Man/09. Might Just Take Your Life/10. You Keep On Moving/11. Soldier Of Fortune/12. Lay Down Stay Down/13. Stormbringer/14. Lady Luck/15. Cornin’ Home/16. Soldier Of Fortune (Alt. Mix)

2019 – Flesh & Blood/01. Good To See You Again/02. Gonna Be Alright/03. Shut Up & Kiss Me/04. Hey You (You Make Me Rock)/05. Always & Forever/06. When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)/07. Trouble Is Your Middle Name/08. Flesh & Blood/09. Well I Never/10. Heart Of Stone/11. Get Up/12. After All/13. Sands Of Time/14. Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong (Bonus Track)/15. If I Can’t Have You (Bonus Track)/16. Gonna Be Alright (X-Tendo Mix – Bonus Track)/17. Sands Of Time (Radio Mix – Bonus Track)/18. Shut Up & Kiss Me (Video Mix – Bonus Track)


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