Uriah Heep 2ч2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1982 – Abominog/01.Too Scared To Run/02.Chasing Shadows/03.On The Rebound/04.Hot Night In A Cold Town/05.Running All Night (With The Lion)/06.That’s The Way That It Is/07.Prisoner/08.Hot Persuasion/09.Sell Your Soul/10.Think It Over/11.Tin Soldier (from the “Abominog Junior”)/12.Son Of A Bitch (from the “Abominog Junior”)/13.That’s The Way That It Is (Alternate Demo)/14.Hot Persuasion (Alternate Demo)

1983 – Head First/01.The other side of midnight/02.Stay on top/03.Lonely nights/04.Sweet talk/05.Love is blind/06.Roll-overture/07.Red lights/08.Rollin’ the rock/09.Straight through the heart/10.Weekend warriors/11.Playing for time(ep track)/12.Searching(extended demo)/13.The Wizard[Live]/13.The other side of midnight(live)/14.Lonely nights(live)/15.Angel(live)

1985 – Equator/01.Rockarama/02.Bad Blood/03.Lost One Love/04.Angel/05.Holding On/06.Party Time/07.Poor Little Rich Girl/08.Skool’s Burnin’/09.Heartache City/10.Night of the Wolf/11.Back Stage Girl

1989 – Raging Silence/01.Hold Your Head Up/02.Blood Red Roses/03.Voice on My TV/04.Rich Kid/05.Cry Freedom/06.Bad Bad Man/07.More Fool You/08.When The War Is Over/09.Lifeline/10.Rough Justice/11.Miracle Child/12.Look At Yourself (B-Side on 12″ release of Blood Red Roses)/13.Too Scared To Run (live)/14.Corina (live)/15.Hold Your Head Up (12″ extended)/16.Blood Red Roses (alternate remix)

1991 – Different World/01.Blood On Stone/02.Which Way Will The Wind Blow/03.All God’s Children/04.All For One/05.Different World/06.Step By Step/07.Seven Days/08.First Touch/09.One By One/10.Cross That Line/11.Stand Back/12.Blood Res Roses (1990 re-mix)/13.Hold Your Head Up (edited version)/14.Rockarama (live)

1995 – Sea Of Light/01.Against The Odds (The Way Of Life That Must Change)/02.Sweet Sugar (Over Importance Of Money)/03.Time Of Revelation (Moving To A Fantasy World)/04.Mistress Of All Time (Emlightened Woman)/05.Universal Wheels (Natures Retaliation)/06.Fear Of Falling (False Trust)/07.Spirit Of Freedom (Realising The New World)/08.Logical Progression (New Perceptions)/09.Love In Silence (Know Yourself)/10.Words In The Distance (Love Awareness)/11.Fires Of Hell (The Futility Of War)/12.Dream On (Being, In Love)/13.Holy Roller/14.Still Calls His Name

1998 – Sonic Origami/01.Between Two Worlds/02.I Hear Voices/03.Perfect Little Heart/04.Heartless Land/05.Only The Young/06.In The Moment/07.Question/08.Change/09.Shelter From The Rain/10.Everything In Life/11.Across The Miles/12.Feels Like/13.The Golden Palace/14.Sweet Pretender

CD 2

2008 – Wake The Sleeper/01.Wake the sleeper/02.Overload/03.Tears of the world/04.Light of a thousand stars/05.Heaven’s rain/06.Book of lies/07.What kind of God/08.Ghost of the ocean/09.Angels walk with you/10.Shadow/11.War child

2009 – Celebration/01.Only Human/02.Bird Of Prey/03.Surise/04.Stealin1/05.Corridors Of Madness/06.Beetween Two Worlds/07.The Wizard/08.Free Me/09.Free’n’Easy/10.Gypsy/11.Look At Yourself/12.July Morning/13.Easy Livin’/14.Lady In Black

2011 – Into The Wild/01.Nail on the head/02.I can see you/03.Into the wild/04.Money talk/05.I’m ready/06.Trail of diamonds/07.Southern star/08.Believe/09.Lost/10.T-bird angel/11.Kiss of freedom/12.Hard way to learn

2014 – Outsider/01.Speed Of Sound/02.One Minute/03.The Law/04.The Outsider/05.Rock The Foundation/06.Is Anybody Gonna Help Me/07.Looking At You/08.Can’t Take That Away/09.Jesse/10.Kiss The Rainbow/11.Say Goodbye

2018 – Living The Dream/01.Grazed By Heaven/02.Living The Dream/03.Take Away My Soul/04.Knocking At My Door/05.Rocks In The Road/06.Waters Flowin’/07.It’s All Been Said/08.Goodbye To Innocence/09.Falling Under Your Spell/10.Dreams Of Yesteryear/11.Grazed By Heaven (Alternate Version)/12.Take Away My Soul (Alternate Version)


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