Twenty One Pilots [mp3]


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2009 – Twenty One Pilots/01. Implicit demand for proof/02. Fall away/03. The pantaloon/04. Addict with a pen/05. Friend, please/06. March to the sea/07. Johnny boy/08. Oh, ms. believer/09. Air catcher/10. Trapdoor/11. A car, a torch, a death/12. Taxi cab/13. Before you start your day/14. Isle of flightless birds

2011 – Regional at best/01. Guns for hands/02. Holding on to you/03. Ode to sleep/04. Slowtown/05. Car radio/06. Forest/07. Glowing eyes/08. Kitchen sink/09. Anathema/10. Lovely/11. Ruby/12. Trees/13. Be concerned/14. Clear

2013 – Vessel/01. Ode To Sleep/02. Holding On To You/03. Migraine/04. House of Gold/05. Car Radio/06. Semi-Automatic/07. Screen/08. The Run And Go/09. Fake You Out/10. Guns For Hands/11. Trees/12. Truce/13. Glowing Eyes/14. Kitchen Sink/15. Lovely/16. Forest/17. The Pantaloon (Live)/18. House of Gold (Live)

2016 – Blurryface/01. Heavydirtysoul/02. Stressed Out/03. Ride/04. Fairly Local/05. Tear In My Heart/06. Lane Boy/07. The Judge/08. Doubt/09. Polarize/10. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV/11. Message Man/12. Hometown/13. Not Today/14. Goner

2018 – Trench/01. Jumpsuit/02. Levitate/03. Morph/04. My Blood/05. Chlorine/06. Smithereens/07. Neon Gravestones/08. The Hype/09. Nico And The Niners/10. Cut My Lip/11. Bandito/12. Pet Cheetah/13. Legend/14. Leave The City


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