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1976 -Triumph/01. 24 Hours A Day/02. Be My Lover/03. Don’t Take My Life/04. Street Fighter/05. Street Fighter Reprise/06. What’s Another Day Of Rock ‘N’ Roll/07. Easy Life/08. Let Me Get Next To You/09. Blinding Light Show Moonchild

1977 – Rock & Roll Machine/01. Takes Time/02. Bringing It On Home/03. Little Texas Shaker/04. New York City Streets – Part 1/05. New York City Streets – Part 2/06. The City War March; El Duende Agonizante; Minstrel’s Lament/07. Rocky Mountain Way/08. Rock & Roll Machine

1979 – Just A Game/01. Movin’ On/02. Lay It On The Line/03. Young Enough To Cry/04. American Girls/05. Just A Game/06. Fantasy Serenade/07. Hold On/08. Suitcase Blues

1980 – Progressions Of Power/01. I Live For The Weekend/02. I Can Survive/03. In The Night/04. Nature’s Child/05. Woman In Love/06. Take My Heart/07. Tear The Roof Off/08. Fingertalkin’/09. Hard Road

1981 – Allied Forces/01. Fool For Your Love/02. Magic Power/03. Air Raid/04. Allied Forces/05. Hot Time (In This City Tonight)/06. Fight The Good Fight/07. Ordinary Man/08. Petite Etude/09. Say Goodbye

1982 – Never Surrender/01. Too Much Thinking/02. A World Of Fantasy/03. A Minor Prelude/04. All The Way/05. Battle Cry/06. Overture (Processional)/07. Never Surrender/08. When The Lights Go Down/09. Writing On The Wall/10. Epilogue (Resolution)

1984 – Thunder Seven/01. Spellbound/02. Rock Out Roll On/03. Cool Down/04. Follow Your Heart/05. Time Goes By/06. Midsummer’s Daydream/07. Time Canon/08. Killing Time/09. Stranger in a Strange Land/10. Little Boy Blues

1986 – The Sport Of Kings/01. Tears In The Rain/02. Somebody’s Out There/03. What Rules My Heart/04. If Only/05. Hooked On You/06. Take A Stand/07. Just One Night/08. Embrujo/09. Play With The Fire/10. Don’t Love Anybody Else But Me/11. In The Middle Of The Night

1987 – Surveillance/01. Prologue Into The Forever/02. Never Say Never/03. Headed For Nowhere/04. All The King’s Horses/05. Carry On The Flame/06. Let The Light (Shine On Me)/07. Long Time Gone/08. Rock You Down/09. Prelude The Waking Dream/10. On And On/11. All Over Again/12. Running In The Night

1993 – Edge Of Excess/01. Child Of The City/02. Troublemaker/03. It’s Over/04. Edge Of Excess/05. Turn My Back On Love/06. Ridin’ High Again/07. Black Sheep/08. Boy’s Night Out/09. Somewhere Tonight/10. Love In A Minute


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