Trans-Siberian Orchestra [mp3]


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1996 – Christmas Eve and Other Stories/01.An Angel Came Down/02.0 Come All Ye Faithful – 0 Holy Night/03.A Star To Follow/04.First Snow/05.The Silent Nutcracker/06.A Mad Russian’s Christmas/07.The Prince Of Peace/08.Christmas Eve – Sarajevo 12-24/09.Good King Joy/10.Ornament/11.The First Noel/12.Old City Bar/13.Promises To Keep/14.This Christmas Day/15.An Angel Returned/16.O Holy Night/17.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

1998 – The Christmas Attic/01.The Ghosts of Christmas Eve/02.Boughs of Holly/03.The World That She Sees/04.The World That He Sees/05.Midnight Christmas Eve/06.The March of the Kings – Hark The Herald Angels Sing/07.The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)/08.Christmas Canon/09.Joy – Angels We Have Heard On High/10.Find Our Way Home/11.Appalachian Snowfall/12.The Music Box/13.The Snow Came Down/14.Christmas In the Air/15.Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)/16.An Angel’s Share/17.Music Box Blues

2000 – Beethoven’s Last Night/01.Overture/02.Midnight/03.Fate/04.What Good This Deafness/05.Mephistopheles/06.What Is Eternal/07.The Moment/08.Vienna/09.Mozart – Figaro/10.The Dreams Of Candlelight/11.Requiem (The Fifth)/12.I’ll Keep Your Secrets/13.The Dark/14.Fur Elise/15.After The Fall/16.A Last Illusion/17.This Is Who You Are/18.Beethoven/19.Mephistopheles’ Return/20.Misery/21.Who Is This Child/22.A Final Dream

2004 – The Lost Christmas Eve/01.Faith Noel/02.The Lost Christmas Eve/03.Christmas Dreams/04.Wizards In Winter/05.Remember/06.Anno Domine/07.Christmas Concerto/08.Queen Of The Winter Night/09.Christmas Nights In Blue/10.Christmas Jazz/11.Christmas Jam/12.Siberian Sleigh Ride/13.What Is Christmas/14.For The Sake Of Our Brother/15.The Wisdom Of Snow/16.Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)/17.Back To A Reason (Part II)/18.Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time/19.What Child Is This/20.0′ Come All Ye Faithful/21.Christmas Canon Rock/22.Different Wings/23.Midnight Clear

2009 – Night Castle/CD1 – 01.Night Enchanted/02.Childhood Dreams/03.Sparks/04.The Mountain/05.Night Castle/06.The Safest Way Into Tomorrow/07.Mozart And Memories/08.Another Way You Can Die/09.Toccata – Carpimus Noctem/10.The Lion’s Roar/11.Dreams We Conceive/12.Mother And Son/13.There Was A Life/CD2 – 01.Moonlight And Madness/02.Time Floats On/03.Epiphany/04.Bach Lullaby/05.Father, Son & Holy Ghost/06.Remnants Of A Lullaby/07.The Safest Way Into Tomorrow (Reprise)/08.Embers/09.Child Of The Night/10.Believe/11.Nutrocke/12.Carmina Burana/13.Tracers

2012 – Dreams Of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night)/01.Winter Palace/02.Dreams Of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night)/03.I Had A Memory/04.Someday/05.Time You Should Be Sleeping

2015 – Letters From the Labyrinth/01.Time & Distance (The Dash)/02.Madness Of Men/03.Prometheus/04.Mountain Labyrinth/05.King Rurik/06.Prince Igor/07.The Night Conceives/08.Forget About The Blame (Sun Version)/09.Not Dead Yet/10.Past Tomorrow/11.Stay/12.Not The Same/13.Who I Am/14.Lullaby Night/15.Forget About The Blame (Moon Version)

2016 – The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve/01.O’ Come All Ye Faithful 0 Holy Night (Instrumental)/02.Good King Joy/03.Christmas Dreams/04.Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12 24 (Instrumental)/05.Christmas Canon/06.What Child Is This/07.Music Box Blues/08.Promises to Keep/09.This Christmas Day/10.First Snow (Instrumental)/11.Music Box Blues (Live From Daryl Pediford Tribute New York 2004)


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