Tom Waits 2ч 2cd [mp3]



CD 1

1993 – The Black Rider/01. Lucky Day (overture)/02. The Black Rider/03. November/04. Just the Right Bullets/05. Black Box Theme/06. T ‘Aint No Sin/07. Flash Pan Hunter (intro)/08. That’s the Way/09. The Briar and the Rose/10. Russian Dance/11. Gospel Train (orchestra)/12. I’ll Shoot the Moon/13. Flash Pan Hunter/14. Crossroads/15. Gospel Train/16. Interlude/17. Oily Night/18. Lucky Day/19. The Last Rose of Summer/20. Carnival

1999 – Mule Variations/01. Big In Japan/02. Lowside Of The Road/03. Hold On/04. Get Behind The Mule/05. House Where Nobody Lives/06. Cold Water/07. Pony/08. What’s He Building/09. Black Market Baby/10. Eyeball Kid/11. Picture In A Frame/12. Chocolate Jesus/13. Georgia Lee/14. Filipino Box Spring Hog/15. Take It With Me/16. Come On Up To The House

2002 – Alice/01. Alice/02. Everything You Can Think/03. Flower’s Grave/04. No One Knows I’m Gone/05. Kommienezuspadt/06. Poor Edward/07. Table Top Joe/08. Lost In The Harbour/09. We’re All Mad Here/10. Watch Her Disappear/11. Reeperbahn/12. I’m Still Here/13. Fish & Bird/14. Barcarolle/15. Fawn

2004 – Real Gone/01. Top Of The Hill/02. Hoist That Rag/03. Sins Of My Father/04. Shake It/05. Don’t Go Into That Barn/06. How’s It Gonna End/07. Metropolitan Glide/08. Dead And Lovely/09. Circus/10. Trampled Rose/11. Green Grass/12. Baby Gonna Leave Me/13. Clang Boom Steam/14. Make It Rain/15. Day After Tomorrow/16. Chick A Boom

CD 2

2006 – Orphans/CD1 – Brawlers – 01. Lie To Me/02. Lowdown/03. 219/04. Fish In The Jailhouse/05. Bottom Of The World/06. Lucinda/07. Ain’T Goin’ Down To The Well/08. Lord I’Ve Been Changed/09. Puttin’ On The Dog/10. Road To Peace/11. All The Time/12. The Return Of Jackie And Judy/13. Walk Away/14. Sea Of Love/5. Buzz Fledderjohn/16. Rains On Me/CD2 – Bawlers – 17. Bend Down The Branches/18. You Can Never Hold Back Spring/19. Long Way Home/20. Widow’S Grove/21. Little Drop Of Poison/22. Shiny Things/23. World Keeps Turning/24. Tell It To Me/25. Never Let Go/26. Fannin Street/27. Little Man/28. It’S Over/29. If I Have To Go/30. Goodnight Irene/31. The Fall Of Troy/32. Take Care Of All My Children/33. Down There By The Train/34. Danny Says/35. Jayne’S Blue Wish/36. Young At Heart/CD3 – Bastards – 37. What Keeps Mankind Alive/38. Children’s Story/39. Heigh Ho/40. Army Ants/41. Books Of Moses/42. Bone Chain/43. Two Sisters/44. First Kiss/45. Dog Door/46. Redrum/47. Nirvana/48. Home I’Ll Never Be/49. Poor Little Lamb/50. Altar Boy/51. The Pontiac/52. Spidey’S Wild Ride/53. King Kong/54. On The Road/55. Dog Treat/56. Missing My Son

2011 – Bad As Me/01. Chicago/02. Raised Right Men/03. Talking At The Same Time/04. Get Lost/05. Face To The Highway/06. Pay Me/07. Back In The Crowd/08. Bad As Me/09. Kiss Me/10. Satisfied/11. Last Leaf/12. Hell Broke Luce/13. New Year’s Eve/14. She Stole The Blush (bonus track)/15. Tell Me (bonus track)/16. After You Die (bonus track)


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