The Rasmus [mp3]


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1996 – Peep/01. Ghostbusters/02. Postman/03. Fool/04. Shame/05. P.S./06. Julen Ar Har Igen/07. Peep/08. Frog/09. Funky Jam/10. Outflow/11. Myself/12. Life 705/13. Small/14. Rakkauslaulu

1997 – Playboys/01. Playboys/02. Blue/03. Ice/04. Sophia/05. Wicked Moments/06. Wellwel/07. Sold/08. Carousel/09. Jailer/10. Kola/11. Raggatip/12. Violence/13. Panda

1998 – Hell Of A Tester/01. Every Day/02. Dirty Moose/03. Swimming With The Kids/04. Man In The Street/05. Tonight Tonight/06. City Of The Dead/07. Liquid/08. Pa-Pa/09. Vibe/10. Help Me Sing/11. Tempo

2001 – Into/01 Madness/02 Bullet/03 Chill/04 F-F-F-Falling/05 Heartbreaker/06 Smash/07 Someone Else/08 Small Town/09 One & Only/10 Last Waltz/11 Days/12 Can’t Stop Me/13 Play Dead/14 Used To Feel Before

2003 – Dead Letters/01 First Day Of My Life/02 In The Shadows/03 Still Standing/04 In My Life/05 Time To Burn/06 Guilty/07 Not Like The Other Girls/08 The One I Love/09 Back In The Picture/10 Funeral Song/11 If You Ever/12 What Ever/13 Everything You Say/14 Since You’ve Been Gone/15 In The Shadows (Meadows Remix)

2005 – Hide From The Sun/01 Shot/02 Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)/03 No Fear/04 Lucifer’s Angel/05 Last Generation/06 Dead Promises/07 Immortal/08 Sail Away/09 Keep Your Heart Broken/10 Heart Of Misery/11 Don’t Let Go/12 Dancer In The Dark/13 Open My Eyes (Acoustic)/14 Trigger/15 No Fear (Chris Vrenna Remix)/16 Sail Away (Benztown Mixdown)/17 Lucifer’s Angel (Acoustic)

2008 – Black Roses/01 Livin’ In A World Without You/02 Ten Black Roses/03 Ghost Of Love/04 Justify/05 Your Forgiveness/06 Run To You/07 You Got It Wrong/08 Lost And Lonely/09 The Fight/10 Dangerous Kind/11 Live Forever/12 Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow

2012 – The Rasmus/01. Stranger/02. I’m A Mess/03. It’s Your Night/04. Save Me Once Again/05. Someone’s Gonna Light You Up/06. End Of The Story/07. You Don’t See Me/08. Somewhere/09. Friends Don’t Do Like That/10. Sky

2017 – Dark Matters/01. Paradise/02. Something In The Dark/03. Wonderman/04. Nothing/05. Empire/06. Crystalline/07. Black Days/08. Silver Night/09. Delirium/10. Dragons Into Dreams/11. Supernova (Bonus Track)


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