The 69 Eyes 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1992 – Bump’N’Grind/01. Voodoo Queen/02. Juicy Lucy/03. Alive/04. House By The Cemetery/05. Hot Butterfly/06. Sugarman/07. Dream Master/08. Too Sick For You/09. No Hesitation/10. Blind For Love/11. The Hills Have Eyes/12. Barbarella/13. Burning Love

1995 – Savage Garden/01. 1 – 800 – SLEAZORAMA/02. Tang/03. Smashed’n’Trashed/04. Velvet Touch/05. Mr. Pain/06. Lady Luck/07. Motor City Resurrection/08. Ghettoway Car/09. Wild Talk/10. Get It Off/11. Always/12. Demolition Derby/13. Savage Garden

1997 – Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/01. Call Me/02. D.I.D./03. Broken Man/04. Get Around/05. Too Much To Lose/06. Sore Loser/07. Skanky Man/08. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/09. Hellcity 1999/10. Turbobitch/11. L8R S8N

1999 – Wasting The Dawn/01. Truck On/02. Lay Down Your Arms/03. Wasting The Dawn/04. You Ain’t The Reason/05. Lazarus Heart/06. Who’s Gonna Pay The Bail/07. All – American Dream/08. Be My Speed/09. Hand Of God/10. Next Stop Paradise/11. Starshine

2001 – Blessed Be/01. Framed In Blood/02. Gothic Girl/03. The Chair/04. Brandon Lee/05. Velvet Touch/06. Sleeping With Lions/07. Angel On My Shoulder/08. Stolen Season/09. Wages Of Sin/10. Graveland/11. 30

2002 – Paris Kills/01. Crashing High/02. Dance D’ Amour/03. Betty Blue/04. Grey/05. Radical/06. Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear/07. Stigmata/08. Forever More/09. Still Waters Run Deep/10. Dawn’s Highway

2004 – Devils/01. Devils/02. Feel Berlin/03. Nothing On You/04. Sister Of Charity/05. Lost Boys/06. Jimmy/07. August Moon/08. Beneath The Blue/09. Christina Death/10. Hevioso/11. Only You Can Save Me


CD 2

2007 – Angels/01. Angels/02. Never Say Die/03. Rocker/04. Ghost/05. Perfect Skin/06. Wings & Hearts/07. Star Of Fate/08. Los Angeles/09. In My Name/10. Shadow Of Your Love/11. Frankenhooker

2009 – Back In Blood/01. Back In Blood/02. We Own The Night/03. Dead n’ Gone/04. The Good, The Bad & The Undead/05. Kiss Me Undead/06. Lips Of Blood/07. Dead Girls Are Easy/08. Night Watch/09. Some Kind Of Magick/10. Hunger/11. Suspiria Snow White/12. Eternal

2012 – X/01. Love Runs Away/02. Tonight/03. Black/04. If You Love Me The Morning After/05. Red/06. I Love The Darkness In You/07. Borderline/08. I.m Ready/09. I Know What You Did Last Summer/10. When A Love Comes To An End

2016 – Universal Monsters/01. Dolce Vita/02. Jet Fighter Plane/03. Blackbird Pie/04. Lady Darkness/05. Miss Pastis/06. Shallow Graves/07. Jerusalem/08. Stiv & Johnny/09. Never/10. Blue/11. Rock’n’Roll Junkie

2019 – West End/01. Two Horns Up/02. 27 & Done/03. Black Orchid/04. Change/05. Burn Witch Burn/06. Cheyenna/07. The Last House on the Left/08. Death & Desire/09. Outsiders/10. Be Here Now/11. Hell Has No Mercy


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