Suzi Quatro 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1973 – Suzi Quatro/01. 48 Crash/02. Glycerine Queen/03. Shine My Machine/04. Official Suburbian Superman/05. I Wanna Be Your Man/06. Primmitive Love/07. All Shook Up/08. Sticks And Stones/09. Get Back Mamma/10. Skin Tight Skin/11. Rockin’ Moonbeam/12. Shakin’ All Over/13. Can The Can

1974 – Quatro/01. The Wild One/02. Keep A-Knockin’/03. Too Big/04. Klondyke Kate/05. Savage Silk/06. Move It/07. Hit The Road Jack/08. Trouble/09. Cat Size/10. Shot Of Rhythm And Blues/11. Friday/12. Devil Gate Drive

1975 – Your Mama Won’t Like Me/01. I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew/02. Strip Me/03. Paralysed/04. Prisoner Of Your Imagination/05. Your Mamma Won’t Like Me/06. Can’t Trust Love/07. New Day Woman/08. Fever/09. You Can Make Me Want You/10. Michael/11. Stumblin’ In/12. A Stranger With You

1976 – Aggro-Phobia/01. Heartbreak Hotel/02. Don’t Break My Heart/03. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)/04. What’s It Like To Be Loved/05. Tear Me Apart/06. The Honky Tonk Downstairs/07. Half As Much As Me/08. Close The Door/09. American Lady/10. Wake Up Little Susie

1977 – Live And Kickin/01. The Wild One/02. The Honky Tonk Downstairs/03. Heartbreak Hotel/04. Half as Much as Me/05. Cat Size/06. Make Me Smile/07. American Lady/08. Glycerine Queen/09. Whats It Like to Be Loved/10. Can the Can/11. Devil Gate Drive/12. Roxy Roller/13. Tear Me Apart/14. Keep a Knockin’

1978 – If You Knew Suzi…/01. Don’t Change My Luck/02. Tired Of Waiting/03. Suicide/04. Evie/05. The Race Is On/06. If You Can’t Give Me Love/07. Breakdown/08. Non Citizen/09. Rock ‘N’ Roll Hoochie Koo/10. Wiser Than You

1979 – Suzi… And Other Four Letter Words/01. I’ve Never Been In Love/02. Mind Demons/03. She’s In Love With You/04. Hollywood/05. Four Letter Words/06. Mama’s Boy/07. Starlight Lady/08. You Are My Lover/09. Space Cadets/10. Love Hurts

1980 – Rock Hard/01. Rock Hard/02. Glad All Over/03. Love Is Ready/04. State Of Mind/05. Woman Cry/06. Wish Upon Me/07. Hard Headed/08. Ego In The Night/09. Lonely Is The Hardest/10. Lay Me Down/11. Lipstick

CD 2

1982 – Main Attraction/01. Heart Of Stone (Long Version)/02. Cheap Shot/03. She Knows/04. Main Attraction/05. Two Miles Out Of Georgia/06. Candy Man/07. Remote Control/08. Fantasy In Stereo/09. Transparent/10. Oh Baby/11. Heart Of Stone (Single Version)

1991 – Oh, Suzi Q/01. Suzi Q/02. Southern Comfort/03. Love Touch/04. Intimate Strangers/05. Kiss Me Good Night/06. The Great Midnight Rock’n Roll/07. Take Me In Your Arms/08. Victim Of Circumstance/09. Exlusive Lover/10. Best Thing In My Life/11. We Live Forever/12. Baby You’re A Star/13. We Found Love

1996 – What Goes Around/01. Devil Gate Drive/02. The Wild One/03. The Race Is On/04. What Goes Around/05. Can The Can/06. She’s In Love With You/07. Stumblin’ In/08. I May Be Too Young/09. Empty Rooms/10. 48 Crash/11. Make Love To Me/12. Born To Run/13. Four Letter Words/14. Tear Me Apart/15. Your Mamma Won’t Like Me/16. Rock Hard/17. Mama’s Boy/18. If You Can’t Give Me Love

1998 – Unreleased Emotion/01. Pardon Me/02. There She Goes/03. Can I Be Your Girl/04. I’m A Rocker/05. Strange Encounters/06. Comes The Night/07. Starry Night/08. Good Girl/09. Everything I Ever Wanted/10. Secret Hideaway/11. Just Like Momma/12. Suzi Q

2006 – Back To The Drive/01. Back To The Drive/02. 15 Minutes Of Fame/03. Duality/04. I Don’t Do Gentle/05. I’ll Walk Throught The Fire With You/06. Wasted Moments/07. Rockin’in The Free World/08. No Choice/09. Sometimes Love Is Letting Go/10. Dancing In The Wind/11. Free The Butterfly/12. Born Making Noise

2011 – In The Spotlight/01. A Girl Like Me/02. Whatever Love Is/03. Spotlight/04. Strict Machine/05. Breaking Dishes/06. Rosie Rose/07. Hurt With You/08. Hot Kiss/09. Turn Into/10. Hard Headed Woman/11. Singing With Angels

2017 – QSP (Quatro, Scott & Powell)/01. Slow Down/02. Long Way from Home/03. Tobacco Road/04. If Only/05. Bright Lights Big City/06. Pain (Orchestral)/07. Just Like a Woman/08. Mend a Broken Heart/09. The Price of Love/10. Broken Pieces Suite/11. I Walk on Gilded Splinters/12. Late Nights Early Flights/13. Little Sister/14. Pain (Band Version) [Bonus Track]

2019 – No Control/01. No Soul, No Control/02. Going Home/03. Strings/04. Love Isn’t Fair/05. Macho Man/06. Easy Pickings/07. Bass Line/08. Don’t Do Me Wrong/09. Heavy Duty/10. I Can Teach You to Fly/11. Going Down Blues


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