Sunrise [mp3]



2007 – Liberty/01. Born To Find/02. Gone With The Time/03. Illusion Of Life/04. Lie And Truth/05. Hear Me/06. Stay With Me/07. Look To Eternity/08. Inside Of The Rising Sun/09. Can You Fell The Pain/10. Travel/11. Ілюзія Життя (Bonus Track)

2009 – Trust Your Soul/01. Trust Your Soul/02. All This Time/03. You And Me/04. Man In The World/05. Love Will Set Your Free/06. Dreamer Online/07. Hey!/08. Relax/09. Tell Me Why/10. Forgotten Secrets/11. Invisible Place/12. Duh Vsesvitu (The Spirit Of Universe) (Bonus Track)

2013 – Hope And Pray (EP)/01. Hope And Pray/02. Live In Peace/03. Take You High/04. If I Could Fly

2016 – Absolute Clarity/01. Tower Of Fear/02. Star Ocean/03. Live In Peace/04. Prayer For You/05. Reality Of Dreams/06. What You Have Done/07. When Here Comes The Night/08. The Angel/09. Hope And Pray/10. Thunder In The Distance/11. Not Your Friend (Bonus Track)/12. Give Me A Sign (Bonus Track)


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