Stoner Train [mp3]



2011 – Rusty Gears/01. Stoner Train/02. Spacelord (MM cover)/03. Alcoholic Story/04. The Desert And The Snake/05. Hobo Way/06. Wasteland Blues

2011 – Sluts For The Rebels/01. Big Lebowski/02. Redneck Vikings/03. Cowboy Old Face/04. Going To The Bottom/05. Too-doo-doo/06. Trembling In The Balls/07. 38 Grief/08. Stoner Train/09. Alcoholic Story/10. The Desert And The Snake

2012 – Hobo From The Outer Space/01. Cannibal Hobo/02. My Truck/03. Dogs From The Outer Space/04. Rusty Beard And His Crew/05. Land Of The Unheard Song/06. Dancing On The Grave/07. Coelophysis Struthiomimus/08. Tractor Driver Fred/09. Frozen Booty Jam/10. I’m Going To Jail/11. Hobo Way/12. Wasteland Blues

2013 – Back In The Saddle/01. Diddley Bo Trip/02. Back In The Saddle/03. Midget With A Crossbow/04. Laying Dead/05. Kissing Holy Ground

2014 – III/01. Noisy Town Intro/02. Gandalf Took The Drug/03. Sunsurfer/04. Medusa/05. Playing Tomorrow/06. Aching Bone/07. Down The Road/08. Papito/09. Time To Go Home/10. Crow Above My Temple

2016 – Bannermen Оf Lost Generations/01. What Is The One Thing (Intro)/02. Bannermen Of Lost Generations/03. We’re Riding Low/04. Downtown Of The Living Dead/05. Revolution On My Mind/06. Space Trucker/07. Heading For Tomorrow/08. Grey Cloud Session/09. I Know The End


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