Sophie Ellis-Bextor [mp3]


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2001 – Read My Lips/01. Take Me Home/02. Lover/03. Move This Mountain/04. Murder On The Dancefloor/05. Sparkle/06. Final Move/07. I Believe/08. Leave The Others Alone/09. By Chance/10. Universe Is You/11. Is It Any Wonder/12. Everything Falls Into Place

2003 – Shoot From The Hip/01. Mixed Up World/02. I Won’t Change You/03. Nowhere Without You/04. Anther Day/05. Party In My Head/06. Love It Is Love/07. You Get Yours/08. The Walls Keep Saying Your Name/09. I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want/10. Hello Hello

2007 – Trip The Light Fantastic/01. Catch You/02. Me And My Imagination/03. Today The Sun’s On IUs/04. New York City Lights/05. If I Can’t Dance/06. The Distance Between Us/07. If You Go/08. Only One/09. Love Is Here/10. New Flame/11. China Heart/12. What Have We Started/13. Can’t Have It All/14. Supersonic

2011 – Make A Scene/01. Revolution/02. Bittersweet/03. Off & On/04. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)/05. Not Giving Up On Love (feat. Armin Van Buuren)/06. Can’t Fight This Feeling (feat. Junior Caldera)/07. Starlight/08. Under Your Touch/09. Make A Scene/10. Magic/11. Dial My Number/12. Homewrecker/13. Synchronised/14. Cut Straight To The Heart

2014 – Wanderlust/01. Birth of an Empire/02. Until the Stars Collide/03. Runaway Daydreamer/04. The Deer & the Wolf/05. Young Blood/06. Interlude/07. 13 Little Dolls/08. Wrong Side of the Sun/09. Love Is a Camera/10. Cry To the Beat of the Band/11. When the Storm Has Blown Over

2016 – Familia/01. Wild Forever/02. Death Of Love/03. Crystallise/04. Hush Little Voices/05. Here Comes The Rapture/06. Come With Us/07. Cassandra/08. My Puppet Heart/09. Unrequited/10. The Saddest Happiness/11. Don’t Shy Away


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