Smash Into Pieces [mp3]


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2014 – Unbreakable/01. Colder/02. Heroes (As We Are)/03. A Friend Like You/04. Crash And Burn/05. Here To Stay/06. Unbreakable/07. Rockstar/08. Come Along/09. I Want You To Know/10. My Enemy/11. Fading/12. Bad Girl/13. Angel

2015 – The Apocalypse DJ/01. Stronger/02. My Cocaine/03. Disaster Highway/04. Checkmate/05. Don’t Wake Me Up/06. Another Day On The Battlefield/07. Reaching Out/08. Color Of Your Eyes/09. Bullets/10. Burn/11. Rock N Roll (The Apocalypse Tribute)/12. Silence

2017 – Rise And Shine/01. Turn It Down/02. Let Me Be Your Superhero/03. Merry Go Round/04. Higher/05. Animal/06. Stay/07. YOLO/08. Save It For The Living/09. In Love With Love/10. Rise And Shine

2018 – Evolver/01. Like This!/02. The Game (Womanizer)/03. Breaking Out/04. Superstar in Me/05. In Need of Medicine/06. Ride with U/07. Hall of Fame/08. Paradise/09. Lullaby/10. My Beast/11. High on Life/12. My Precious

2020 – Arcadia/01. The Siren/02. Wake Up/03. Arcadia/04. Everything They S4y/05. All Eyes on You/06. Forever Alone/07. The Chosen One/08. Godsent/09. Ego/10. Bend the Rules/11. Big Bang/12. Counting on Me/13. Mad World


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