Slick Rick – The Art Of Storytelling


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1. Jail Skit (feat. Ed Lover, Redman, Run)

2. Kill Niggaz

3. Street Talkin’ (feat. OutKast)

4. Me & Nas Bring It To Your Hardest (feat. Nas)

5. I Own America Part 1

6. Bugsy Radio Skit (feat. Bugsy)

7. Who Rotten ‘Em

8. 2 Way Street

9. King Piece In The Chess Game (feat. Canibus)

10. Trapped In Me

11. Impress The Kid (feat. DJ S&S)

12. Q-Tip And Peter Gunz Skit (feat. Peter Gunz, Q-Tip)

13. I Run This

14. Frozen (feat. Raekwon)

15. Why, Why, Why

16. Adults Only

17. Memories

18. Unify (feat. Kid Capri, Snoop Doggy Dogg)

19. Bugsy Radio Skit (feat. Bugsy)

20. I Own America Part 2

21. CEO Outro

22. We Turn It On (feat. Doug E. Fresh)

23. La Di Da Di Live (feat. Doug E. Fresh)

24. The Show Live (feat. Doug E. Fresh)



Slick Rick


Rap and Hip-hop