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1989 – Skid Row/01. Big Guns/02. Sweet Little Sister/03. Can’t Stand The Heartache/04. Piece Of Me/05. 18 And Life/06. Rattlesnake Shake/07. Youth Gone Wild/08. Here I Am/09. Makin’ A Mess/10. I Remember You/11. Midnight – Tornado

1991 – Slave To The Grind/01. Monkey Business/02. Slave To The Grind/03. The Threat/04. Quicksand Jesus/05. Psycho Love/06. Get The Fuck Out/07. Living On A Chain Gang/08. Creepshow/09. In A Darkened Room/10. Riot Act/11. Mudkicker/12. Wasted Time/13. Beggar’s Day (Bonus track)

1992 – B-Side Ourselves (EP)/01. Psycho Therapy/02. C’mon And Love Me/03. Delivering The Goods (Live feat. Rob Halford)/04. What You’re Doing/05. Little Wing

1995 – Subhuman Beings On Tour!! (EP)/01. Slave To The Grind/02. Delivering The Goods (feat. Rob Halford)/03. Beat Yourself Blind/04. Psycho Therapy/05. Riot Act/06. Monkey Business/07. Secret Band Message For Japan

1995 – Subhuman Race/01. My Enemy/02. Firesign/03. Bonehead/04. Beat Yourself Blind/05. Eileen/06. Remains To Be Seen/07. Subhuman Race/08. Frozen/09. Into Another/10. Face Against My Soul/11. Medicine Jar/12. Breakin’ Down/13. Ironwill/14. Frozen (Demo version)

2003 – Thickskin/01. New Generation/02. Ghost/03. Swallow Me (The Real You)/04. Born A Beggar/05. Thick Is The Skin/06. See You Around/07. Mouth Of Voodoo/08. One Light/09. I Remember You Two/10. Lamb/11. Down From Underground/12. Hittin’ A Wall

2006 – Revolutions Per Minute/01. Disease/02. Another Dick In The System/03. Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me/04. When God Can’t Wait/05. Shut Up Baby, I Love You/06. Strength/07. White Trash/08. You Lie/09. Nothing/10. Love Is Dead/11. Let It Ride/12. You Lie (Com Fed mix)

2013 – United World Rebellion. Chapter One (EP)/01. Kings Of Demolition/02. Let’s Go/03. This Is Killing Me/04. Get Up/05. Stitches/06. Fire Fire (Bonus track)/07. United (Bonus track)

2014 – Rise Of The Damnation Army. United World Rebellion Chapter 2 (EP)/01. We Are The Damned/02. Give It The Gun/03. Catch Your Fall/04. Damnation Army/05. Zero Day/06. Sheer Heart Attack (Bonus track)/07. Rats In The Cellar (Bonus track)


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