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2007 – The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack/01. X-Mas In Hell/02. Van Nuys/03. Life Is Beautiful/04. Pray For Me/05. Tomorrow/06. Accidents Can Happen/07. Intermission/08. Dead Man’s Ballet/09. Heart Failure/10. Girl With Golden Eyes/11. Courtesy Call/12. Permission/13. Life After Death

2011 – This Is Gonna Hurt/01. This Is Gonna Hurt/02. Lies Of The Beautiful People/03. Are You With Me/04. Live Forever/05. Sure Feels Right/06. Deadlihood/07. Smile/08. Help Is On The Way/09. Oh My God/10. Goodbye My Friends/11. Skin/12. Codependence (Bonus Tracks)

2014 – Modern Vintage/01. Stars/02. Gotta Get It Right/03. Relief/04. Get Ya Some/05. Let’s Go/06. Drive/07. Give Me A Love/08. Hyperventilate/09. High On The Music/10. Miracle/11. Before It’s Over/12. Before It’s Over (Piano Ballad)/13. Stars (Cinematic)/14. Gotta Get It Right (Acoustic)/15. Let It Haunt You (So Beautiful)

2016 – Prayers For The Damned Vol.1/01. Rise/02. You’ve Come To The Right Place/03. I’m Sick/04. Prayers For The Damned/05. Better Man/06. Can’t Stop/07. When We Were Gods/08. Belly Of The Beast/09. Everything Went To Hell/10. The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground)/11. Rise Of The Melancholy Empire

2016 -Prayers For The Blessed Vol.2/01. Barbarians (Prayers for the Blessed)/02. We Will Not Go Quietly/03. Wolf At Your Door/04. Maybe It’s Time/05. The Devil’s Coming/06. Catacombs/07. That’s Gonna Leave a Scar/08. Without You/09. Suffocate/10. Riot In My Head/11. Helicopters


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