Simply Red [mp3]


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1985 – Picture Book/01. Come To My Aid/02. Sad Old Red/03. Look At You Now/04. Heaven/05. Jericho/06. Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)/07. Holding Back The Years/08. Open Up The Red Box/09. No Direction/10. Picture Book

1987 – Men and Women/01. The Right Thing/02. Infidelity/03. Suffer/04. I Won’t Feel Bad/05. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye/06. Let Me Have It All/07. Love Fire/08. Move On Out/09. Shine//10. Maybe Someday…

1989 – A New Flame/01. It’s Only Love/02. A New Flame/03. You’ve Got It/04. To Be With You/05. More/06. Turn It Up/07. Love Lays Its Tune/08. She’ll Have To Go/09. If You Don’t Know Me By Now/10. Enough

1991 – Stars/01. Something Got Me Started/02. Stars/03. Thrill Me/04. Your Mirror/05. She’s Got It Bad/06. For Your Babies/07. Model/08. How Could I Fall/09. Freedom/10. Wonderland

1995 – Life/01. You make me believe/02. So many people/03. Lives and loves/04. Fairground/05. Never never love/06. So beautiful/07. Hillside Avenue/08. Remembering the first time/09. Out on the range/10. We’re in this together

1998 – Blue/01. Mellow My Mind/02. Blue/03. Say You Love Me/04. To Be Free/05. The Air That I Breathe/06. Someday In My life/07. The Air That I Breathe (Reprise)/08. Night Nurse/09. Broken Man/10. Come Get Me Angel/11. Ghetto Girl/12. Love Has Saind Goodbye Again/13. High Fives

1999 – Love and The Russian Winter/01 – More Than A Dream/02 – Wave The Old World Goodbye/03 – The Spirit Of Life/04 – Ain’t That A Lot Of Love/05 – Your Eyes/06 – The Sky Is A Gypsy/07 – Back Into The Universe/08 – Words For Girlfriends/09 – Thank You/10 – Man Made The Gun/11 – Close To You

2003 – Home/01. Home/02. Fake/03. Sunrise/04. You Make Me Feel Brand New/05. Home Loan Blues/06. Positively 4th Street/07. Lost Weekend/08. Money in My Pocket (Plan B Mix)/09. Something for You/10. It’s You/11. Home (Reprise)

2005 – Simplified/01. Perfect Love/02. Something Got Me Started/03. Holding Back the Years/04. More/05. A Song for You/06. Your Mirror/07. Fairground/08. My Perfect Love/09. Smile/10. Sad Old Red/11. For Your Babies/12. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye

2007 – Stay/01. The World And You Tonight/02. So Not Over You/03. Stay/04. They Don’t Kno/05. Oh! What A Girl!/06. Good Times Have Done Me Wrong/07. Debris/08. Lady/09. Money TV/10. The Death Of The Cool/11. Little Englander

2015 – Big Love/01. Shine On/02. Daydreaming/03. Big Love/04. The Ghost Of Love/05. Dad/06. Love Wonders07. Love Gave Me More/08. Tight Tones/09. WORU/10. Coming Home/11. The Old Man and the Beer/12. Each Day/13. Shine On (Max Bidda Radio Mix)


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