Silent Circle [mp3]


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1986 – №1/01. Touch In The Night/02. Sib Dub Dua/03. Dreams/04. Hide Away – Man Is Comin’!/05. Shy Girl/06. Stop The Rain In The Night/07. For You/08. Give Me Time/09. Moonlight Affair/10. Anywhere Tonight/11. Love Is Just A Word

1987 – No 2 (Singles Album)/01. Oh, Don’t Lose Your Heart Tonight (Maxi Version)/02. Danger, Danger (Raicing Mix)/03. Time For Love (Super-Action-Mix)/04. What A Shame (Masterbeat Mix)/05. Is It Love/06. Forget The Stranger (Simple Mix)/07. I Am Your Believer (Club Mix)/08. Hide Away – Man Is Comin’! (Special Mix)/09. Touch In The Night (Crash Version)/10. Stop The Rain (Extended Version)/11. Love Is Just A Word (Reggae Version)/12. Lost In Your Light… (Instrumental)/13. It Feels Like Heaven (Instrumental)/14. Highway Driver (Instrumental)

1994 – Back/01. Prologue/02. 2night/03. Take A Chance/04. Egyptian Eyes/05. Just Another Moment/06. Entrance/07. Talk Is Cheap/08. Hide In Your Shell/09. Desire/10. Every Move, Every Touch/11. Night After Night/12. Tell Me Why

1998 – Stories ’bout Love/01. Like An Ocean/02. Love Can Last A Lifetime/03. This Magical Moment/04. Night Train/05. One More Night (Extended Mix)/06. She’s Got Me On The Phone/07. I’m Just A Man In Love/08. Be My Lover/09. It’s Not A Secret/10. I Need A Woman/11. Save Me/12. I’ve Been Calling Just For You


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