Seether [mp3]


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2002 – Disclaimer/01. Gasoline/02. 69 Tea/03. Fine Again/04. Needles/05. Driven Under/06. Pride/07. Sympathetic Your Bore Fade Away/10. Pig/11. Fuck It/12. Broken

2004 – Disclaimer II/01. Gasoline/02. 69 Tea/03. Fine Again/04. Needles/05. Driven Under/06. Pride/07. Sympathetic/08. Your Bore/09. Fade Away/10. Pig/11. Fuck It/12. Broken/13. Sold Me/14. Cigarettes/15. Love Her/16. Take Me Away/17. Got It Made/18. Out Of My Way/19. Hang On/20. Broken (feat. Amy Lee)

2005 – Karma And Effect/01. Because Of Me/02. Remedy/03. Truth/04. The Gift/05. Burrito/06. Given/07. Never Leave/08. World Falls Away/09. Tongue/10. I’m The One/11. Simplest Mistake/12. Diseased/13. Plastic Man/14. Kom Saam Met My

2007 – Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces/01. Like Suicide/02. Fake It/03. Breakdown/04. FMLYHM/05. Fallen/06. Rise Above This/07. No Jesus Christ/08. 6 Gun Quota/09. Walk Away From The Sun/10. Eyes Of The Devil/11. Don’t Believe/12. Waste/13. Careless Whisper (George Michael Cover)/14. Careless Whisper (George Michael Cover) (Strings Version)

2011 – Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray/01. Fur Cue/02. No Resolution/03. Here And Now/04. Country Song/05. Master Of Disaster/06. Tonight/07. Pass Slowly/08. Fade Out/09. Roses/10. Down/11. Desire For Need/12. Forsaken/13. Dead Seeds/14. Yeah/15. Nobody/16. Effigy

2014 – Isolate And Medicate/01. See You at the Bottom/02. Same Damn Life/03. Words as Weapons/04. My Disaster/05. Crash/06. Suffer It All/07. Watch Me Drown/08. Nobody Praying for Me/09. Keep the Dogs at Bay/10. Save Today/11. Turn Around/12. Burn the World/13. Goodbye Tonight (feat. Van Coke Kartel)/14. Weak

2017 – Poison The Parish/01. Stoke The Fire/02. Betray And Degrade/03. Something Else/04. I’ll Survive/05. Let You Down/06. Against The Wall/07. Let Me Heal/08. Saviours/09. Nothing Left/10. Count Me Out/11. Emotionless/12. Sell My Soul/13. Feels Like Dying/14. Misunderstood/15. Take A Minute

2020 – Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum/01. Dead & Gone/02. Bruised & Bloodied/03. Wasteland/04. Dangerous/05. Liar/06. Can’t Go Wrong/07. Buried In The Sand/08. Let It Go/09. Failure/10. Beg/11. Drift Away/12. Pride Before The Fall/13. Written In Stone/14. Let You Down (Live)/15. Remedy (Live)


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