Saxon 2ч2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1995 – Dogs Of War/01. Dogs Of War/02. Burning Wheels/03. Don’t Worry/04. Big Twin Rolling [Coming Home]/05. Hold On/06. The Great White Buffalo/07. Demolition Alley/08. Walking Through Tokyo/09. Give It All Away/10. Yesterday’s Gone

1997 – Unleash The Beast/01. Gothic Dreams/02. Unleash The Beast/03. Terminal Velocity/04. Circle Of Light/05. The Thin Red Line/06. Ministry Of Fools/07. The Preacher/08. Bloodletter/09. Cut Out The Disease/10. Absent Friends/11. All Hell Breaking Loose

1999 – Metalhead/01. Intro/02. Metalhead/03. Are We Travellers In Time/04. Conquistador/05. What Goes Around/06. Song Of Evil/07. All Guns Blazing/08. Prisoner/09. Piss Off/10. Watching You/11. Sea Of Life

2001 – Killing Ground/CD 1 – Killing Ground – 01. Intro/02. Killing Ground/03. Court Of The Crimson King/04. Coming Home/05. Hell Freezes Over/06. Dragons Lair/07. You Don’t Know What You’ve Got/08. Deeds Of Glory/09. Running For The Border/10. Shadows On The Wall/11. Rock Is Our Life/CD 2 – Classic Re-Recorded – 01. Princess Of The Night/02. Crusader/03. Wheels Of Steel/04. Motorcycle Man/05. Strong Arm Of The Law/06. Demin & Leather/07. Dallas 1PM/08. And The Bands Played On

2004 – Lionheart/01. Witchfinder General/02. Man And Machine/03. The Return/04. Lionheart/05. Beyond The Grave/06. Justice/07. To Live By The Sword/08. Jack Tars/09. English Man’o’War/10. Searching For Atlantis/11. Flying On The Edge

CD 2

2007 – The Inner Sanctum/01. State Of Grace/02. Need For Speed/03. Let Me Feel Your Power/04. Red Star Falling/05. I’ve Got To Rock [To Stay Alive]/06. If I Was You [Album Version]/07. Going Nowhere Fast/08. Ashes To Ashes/09. Empire Rising/10. Atila The Hun/11. If I Was You [Single Version]

2009 – Into The Labyrinth/01. Battalions Of Steel/02. Live To Rock/03. Demon Sweeney Todd/04. The Letter/05. Valley Of The Kings/06. Slow Lane Blues/07. Crime Of Passion/08. Premonition In D Minor/09. Voice/10. Protect Yourselves/11. Hellcat/12. Come Rock Of Ages [The Circle Is Complete]/13. Coming Home [Bottleneck Version]/14. Live To Rock [Single Version]

2011 – Call To Arms/01. Hammer Of The Gods/02. Back In 79/03. Surviving Against The Odds/04. Mists Of Avalon/05. Call To Arms/06. Chasing The Bullet/07. Afterburner/08. When Doomsday Comes/09. No Rest ForThe Wcked/10. Ballad Of The Working Man/11. Call To Arms [Orchestral]

2013 – Sacrifice/01. Procession/02. Sacrifice/03. Made In Belfast/04. Warriors Of The Road/05. Guardians Of The Tomb/06. Stand Up And Fight/07. Walking The Steel/08. Night Of The Wolf/09. Wheels Of Terror/10. Standing In A Queue

2015 – Battering Ram/01. Battering Ram/02. The Devil’s Footprint/03. Queen Of Hearts/04. Destroyer/05. Hard And Fast/06. Eye Of The Storm/07. Stand Your Ground/08. Top Of The World/09. To The End/10. Kingdom Of The Cross/11. Three Sheets To The Wind [The Drinking Song]

2017 – Thunderbolt/01. Olympus Rising/02. Thunderbolt/03. The Secret Of Flight/04. Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz)/05. They Played Rock And Roll/06. Predator/07. Sons Of Odin/08. Sniper/09. A Wizard’s Tale/10. Speed Merchants/11. Roadies’ Song/12. Nosferatu (Raw Version)/13. Thunderbolt (Live)/14. Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz) [Live]


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