Savatage 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1983- Sirens/01. Sirens/02. Holocaust/03. I Believe/04. Rage/05. On The Run/06. Twisted Little Sister/07. Living For The Night/08. Scream Murder/09. Out On The Streets/10. The Dungeons Are Calling/11. By The Grace Of The Witch/12. Visions/13. Midas Knight/14. City Beneath The Surface/15. The Whip

1984 – The Dungeons Are Calling/01. The Dungeons Are Calling/02. By the Grace of the Witch/03. Visions/04. Midas Knight/05. City Beneath the Surface/06. The Whip/07. Fighting for Your Love (Bonus track)/08. Sirens (Bonus track)

1985 – Power Of The Night/01. Power Of The Night/02. Unusual/03. Warriors/04. Necrophilia/05. Washed Out/06. Hard For Love/07. Fountain Of Youth/08. Skull Session/09. Stuck On You/10. In The Dream/11. Power Of The Night (Bonus track)/12. Sirens (Bonus track)

1986 – Fight For The Rock/01. Fight For The Rock/02. Out On The Streets/03. Crying For Love/04. Day After Day/05. The Edge Of Midnight/06. Hyde/07. Lady In Disguise/08. She’s Only Rock’N Roll/09. Wishing Well/10. Red Light Paradise/11. The Dungeons Are Calling (Bonus track)/12. City Beneath The Surface (Bonus track)

1987 – Hall Of The Mountain King/01. 24 Hrs. Ago/02. Beyond the Doors of the Dark/03. Legions/04. Strange Wings/05. Prelude to Madness/06. Hall of the Mountain King/07. The Price You Pay/08. White Witch/09. Last Dawn/10. Devastation/11. Hall of the Mountain King (Bonus track)/12. Devastation (Bonus track)

1989 – Gutter Ballet/01. Of Rage And War/02. Gutter Ballet/03. Temptation Revelation (Instrumental)/04. When The Crowds Are Gone/05. Silk And Steel (Instrumental)/06. She’s In Love/07. Hounds/08. The Unholy/09. Mentally Yours/10. Summer’s Rain/11. Thorazine Shuffle/12. Hounds (Bonus track)/13. When The Crowds Are Gone (Bonus track)

1991 – Streets – A Rock Opera/01. Streets/02. Jesus Saves/03. Tonight He Grins Again-Strange Reality/04. A Little Too Far/05. You Are Alive-Sammy And Tex/06. St. Patrick’s/07. Can You Hear Me Now/08. New York City Don’t Mean Nothing/09. Ghost In The Ruins/10. If I Go Away/11. Agony And Ecstasy-Heal My Soul/12. Somewhere In Time-Believe/13. Ghost In The Ruins (Bonus track)/14. Jesus Saves (Bonus track)


CD 2

1993 – Edge Of Thorns/01. Edge of Thorns/02. He Carves His Stone/03. Lights Out/04. Skraggy’sTomb/05. Labyrinths (Instrumental)/06. Follow Me/07. Exit Music (Instrumental)/08. Degrees of Sanity/09. Conversation Piece/10. All That I Bleed/11. Damien/12. Miles Away/13. Sleep/14. Forever After (Bonus track)/15. Conversation Piece (Bonus track)

1994 – Handful Of Rain/01. Taunting Cobras/02. Handful Of Rain/03. Chance/04. Stare Into The Sun/05. Castles Burning/06. Visions (Instrumental)/07. Watching You Fall/08. Nothing’s Going On/09. Symmetry/10. Alone You Breathe/11. Chance (Bonus track)/12. Alone You Breathe (Bonus track)

1995 – Dead Winter Dead/01. Overture (Instrumental)/02. Sarajevo/03. This Is The Time (1990)/04. I Am/05. Starlight/06. Doesn’t Matter Anyway/07. This Isn’t What We Meant/08. Mozart And Madness/09. Memory (Instrumental)/10. Dead Winter Dead/11. One Child/12. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24) (Instrumental)/13. Not What You See/14. All That I Bleed (Bonus track)/15. Sleep (Bonus track)

1997 – The Wake Of Magellan/01. The Ocean (Instrumental)/02. Welcome/03. Turns To Me/04. Morning Sun/05. Another Way/06. Blackjack Guillotine/07. Paragons Of Innocence/08. Complaint In The System/09. Underture (Instrumental)/10. The Wake Of Magellan/11. Anymore/12. The Storm (Instrumental)/13. The Hourglass/14. This Is Where You Should Be (Bonus Track)/15. Desiree (Bonus Track)

2001 – Poets And Madmen/01. Stay With Me Awhile/02. There In The Silence/03. Commisar/04. I Seek Power/05. Drive/06. Morphine Child/07. The Rumor/08. Man In The Mirror/09. Surrender/10. Awaken/11. Back To A Reason/12. Tonight He Grins Again (Acoustic Version Recorded By Jon Oliva In 2011)/13. Sleep (Acoustic Version)


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