Sabaton [mp3]


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2005 – Primo Victoria/01. Primo Victoria/02. Reign Of Terror/03. Panzer Battalion/04. Wolfpack/05. Counterstrike/06. Stalingrad/07. Into The Fire/08. Purple Heart/09. Metal Machine

2006 – Attero Dominatus/01. Attero Dominatus/02. Nuclear Attack/03. Rise Of Evil/04. In The Name Of God/05. We Burn/06. Angels Calling/07. Back In Control/08. Light In The Black/09. Metal Crue

2007 – Metalizer/CD1 – 01. Hellrider/02. Thunder Gods/03. Metalizer/04. Shadows/05. Burn Your Crosses/06. 7734/07. Endless Nights/08. Hail To The King/09. Thunderstorm/10. Speeder/11. Masters Of The World/12. Jawbreaker (Bonus Track)/CD2 – 01. Introduction/02. Hellrider/03. Endless Nights/04. Metalizer/05. Burn Your Crosses/06. The Hammer Has Fallen/07. Hail To The King/08. Shadows/09. Thunderstorm/10. Master Of The World/11. Guten Nacht/12. Birds Of War (Previously Unreleased)

2008 – The Art Of War/01. Sun Tzu Says/02. Ghost Division/03. The Art Of War/04. 401/05. Unbreakable/06. The Nature Of Warfare/07. Cliffs Of Gallipoli/08. Talvisota/09. Panzerkampf/10. Union (Slopes Of St. Benedict)/11. The Price Of A Mile/12. Firestorm/13. A Secret

2010 – Coat Of Arms/01. Coat Of Arms/02. Midway/03. Uprising/04. Screaming Eagles/05. The Final Solution/06. Aces In Exile/07. Saboteurs/08. Wehrmacht/09. White Death/10. Metal Ripper/11. Coat Of Arms (Instrumental)/12. Metal Ripper (Instrumental)

2012 – Carolus Rex/01. Dominium Maris Baltici/02. The Lion From The North/03. Gott Mit Uns/04. A Lifetime Of War/05. 16 4 8/06. The Carolean’s Prayer/07. Carolus Rex (English Version)/08. Killing Ground/09. Poltava/10. Long Live The King/11. Ruina Imperii/12. Twilight Of The Thundergod/13. In The Army Now/14. Feuer Frei

2014 – Heroes/01. Night Witches/02. No Bullets Fly/03. Smoking Snakes/04. Inmate 4859/05. To Hell And Back/06. The Ballad Of Bull/07. Resist And Bite/08. Soldier Of 3 Armies/09. Far From The Fame/10. Hearts Of Iron/11. 7734/12. Man Of War/13. For Whom The Bell Tolls/14. En Hjaltes Vag/15. Out Of Control

2016 – The Last Stand/01. Sparta/02. Last Dying Breath/03. Blood Of Bannockburn/04. Diary Of An Unknown Soldier/05. The Lost Battalion/06. Rorker’s Drift/07. The Last Stand/08. Hill 3234/09. Shiroyama/10. Winged Hussars/11. The Last Battle/12. Camouflage (Bonus Track)/13. All Guns Blazing (Bonus Track)/14. Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Earbook Bonus Track)


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