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1974 – The Butterfly Ball/01.Dawn/02.Get Ready/03.Saffron Dormouse And Lizzy Bee/04.Harlequin Hare/05.Old Blind Mole/06.Magician Moth/07.No Solution/08.Behind The Smile/09.Fly Away/10.Aranea/11.Sitting In A Dream/12.Waiting/13.Sir Maximus Mouse/14.Dreams Of Sir Bedivere15.Together Again/16.Watch Out For The Bat/17.Little Chalk Blue/18.The Feast/19.Love Is All/20.Homeward

1978 – Elements/01.The First Ring Made Of Clay/02.The Next A Ring Of Fire/03.The Third Ring’s Watery Flow/04.The Fourth Ring With The Wind/05.Finale

1984 – Mask/01.Divided World/02.Getting Stranger/03.The Mask/04.Fake It/05.Dancing Again/06.(You’re So) Remote/07.Hip Level/08.Don’t Look Down

1988 – Accidentally On Purpose/01 Clouds And Rain/02 Evil Eye/03 She Took My Breath Away/04 Dislocated/05 Via Miami/06 I Can’t Dance To That/07 Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave/08 Lonely Avenue/09 Telephone Box/10 I Thought No/11 Purple People Eater/12 Cayman Island/13 Chet

2002 – Snapshot/01. MyTurn/02. Burn Me Up Slowly/03. Beyond Emily/04. Queen Of England/05. No Place To Go/06. The Bargain Basement/07. What You Don’t Say/08. Nothing Else/09. Could Have Ben Me/10. The More I Find/11. When It Comes To You/12. Some Hope/13. If I Could Fly/14. It’s Only Life

2011 – If Life Was Easy/01.Don’t Look Now (Everything Has Changed)/02.The Dream I Had/03.Moonlight/04.The Car Won’t Start/05.Box Of Tricks/06.If Life Was Easy/07.Stand Together/08.Welcome To The Moon/09.Set Your Imagination Free/10.When Life Gets To The Bone/11.When The Day Is Done/12.Get Away (Can’t Let You)/13.Staring Into Space/14.The Ghost Of Your Smile/15.Cruel World/16.Feel Like A King


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