Pretty Maids 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1984 – Red, Hot And Heavy/01. Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi [Carmina Burana]/02. Back To Back/03. Red, Hot And Heavy/04. Waitin’ For The Time/05. Cold Killer/06. Battle Of Pride/07. Night Danger/08. A Place In The Night/09. Queen Of Dreams/10. Little Darling

1987 – Future World/01. Future World/02. We Came To Rock/03. Love Games/04. Yellow Rain/05. Loud’N’Proud/06. Rodeo/07. Needles In The Dark/08. Eye Of The Storm/09. Long Way To Go

1990 – Jump The Gun/01. Lethal Heroes/02. Don’t Settle For Less/03. Rock The House/04. Savage Heart/05. Young Blood/06. Headlines/07. Jump The Gun/08. Partners In Crime/09. Attention/10. Hang Tough/11. Over And Out/12. Dream On

1992 – Sin – Decade/01. Running Out/02. Who Said Money/03. Nightmare In The Neighbourhood/04. Sin – Decade/05. Come On Tough, Come On Nasty/06. Raise Your Flag/07. Credit Card Lover/08. Know It Ain’t Easy/09. Healing Touch/10. In The Flesh/11. Please Don’t Leave Me

1993 – Stripped/01. If It Ain’t Gonna Change/02. Please Don’t Leave Me/03. In The Minds Of The Young/04. Too Late, Too Loud/05. Say The Word/06. ’39/07. Heartbeat From Heaven/08. How Does It Feel/09. I’ll Be There/10. Savage Heart

1994 – Scream/01. Rise/02. Scream/03. Psycho – Time – Bomb – Planet – Earth/04. This Love/05. Walk Away/06. No Messiah/07. In A World Of Your Own/08. Don’t Turn Your Sex On Me/09. Adrenaline Junkie/10. Anytime Anywhere/11. When It All Comes Down

1997 – Spooked/01. Resurrection [Intro] – Freakshow/02. Dead Or Alive/03. Die With Your Dreams/04. Fly Me Out/05. Live Until It Hurts/06. Spooked/07. Twisted/08. If It Can’t Be Love/09. Never Too Late/10. Your Mind Is Where The Money Is/11. Hard Luck Woman/12. The One That Should Not Be/13. A Love And A Fiction/14. Crazy Horses/15. Where The Blood Runs Deep

1999 – Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing/01. Snakes In Eden/02. Destination Paradise/03. Hell On High Heels/04. When The Angels Cry/05. Back Off/06. Only In America/07. With These Eyes/08. Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing/09. Scent Of My Prey/10. Face Me/11. Loveshine

2000 – Carpe Diem/01. Violent Tribe/02. Carpe Diem/03. Tortured Spirit/04. Wouldn’t Miss You/05. Clay/06. Poisoned Pleasures/07. Until It Dies/08. The Unwritten Pages/09. For Once In Your Life/10. They’re All Alike/11. Time Awaits For No One/12. Invisible Chains


CD 2

2002 – Planet Panic/01. Virtual Brutality/02. Playing God/03. He Who Never Lived/04. Face Of My Enemy/05. Not What You Think/06. Natural High/07. Who’s Gonna Change/08. Worthless/09. One Way To Rock/10. Enter Forevermore

2006 – Wake Up To The Real World/01. Wake Up To The Real World/02. All In The Name Of Love/03. I Am The End/04. As Guilty As You Are/05. Why Die For A Lie/06. Such A Rush/07. Where True Beauty Lies/08. Brave Young New Breed/09. Terminal Violence/10. Perfect Strangers/11. Another Shot Of Your Love

2010 – Pandemonium/01. Pandemonium/02. I.N.V.U./03. Little Drops Of Heaven/04. One World One Truth/05. Final Day Of Innocence/06. Cielo Drive/07. It Comes At Night/08. Old Enough To Know/09. Beautiful Madness/10. Breathless/11. It Comes At Night [Remix]

2013 – Motherland/01. Mother Of All Lies/02. To Fool A Nation/03. Confession/04. The Iceman/05. Sad To See You Suffer/06. Hooligan/07. Infinity/08. Why So Serious/09. Motherland/10. I See Ghosts/11. Bullet For You/12. Who What Where When Why/13. Wasted/14. Mother Of All Lies [Remix]

2014 – Louder Than Ever/01. Deranged [New Song]/02. Playing God/03. Psycho – Time – Bomb – Planet – Earth/04. My Soul To Take [New Song]/05. He Who Never Lived/06. Virtual Brutality/07. Tortured Spirit/08. With These Eyes/09. Nuclear Boomerang [New Song]/10. Snakes In Eden/11. Wake Up To The Real World/12. A Heart Without A Home [New Song]/13. Deranged [Extended Version]

2016 – Kingmaker/01. When God Took A Day Off/02. Kingmaker/03. Face The World/04. Humanize Me/05. Last Beauty On Earth/06. Bull’s Eye/07. King Of The Right Here And Now/08. Heavens Little Devil/09. Civilized Monsters/10. Sickening/11. Was That What You Wanted/12. Kingmaker [Extended Version]/13. Humanize Me [Extended Version]

2019 – Undress Your Madness/01. Intro/02. Serpentine/03. Firesoul Fly/04. Undress Your Madness/05. Will You Still Kiss Me (If I See You In Heaven)/06. Runaway World/07. If You Want Peace (Prepare For War)/08. Slavedriver/09. Shadowlands/10. Black Thunder/11. Strength Of A Rose/12. Serpentine (Orchestral Version) (Bonus Track)


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