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2005 – Return In Bloodred/01. Mr. Sinister/02. We Came To Take Your Souls/03. Kiss Of The Cobra King/04. Black Mass Hysteria/05. Demons & Diamonds/06. Montecore/07. The Evil Made Me Do It/08. Lucifer In Starlight/09. Son Of The Morning Star

2007 – Lupus Dei/01. Lupus Daemonis [Intro]/02. We Take It From The Living/03. Prayer In The Dark/04. Saturday Satan/05. In Blood We Trust/06. Behind The Leathermask/07. Vampires Don’t Die/08. When The Moon Shines Red/09. Mother Mary Is A Bird Of Prey/10. Tiger Of Sabrod/11. Lupus Dei

2009 – Bible Of The Beast/01. Opening – Prelude To Purgatory/02. Raise Your Fist, Evangelist/03. Moscow After Dark/04. Panic In The Pentagram/05. Catholic In The Morning… Satanist At Night/06. Seven Deadly Saints/07. Werewolves Of Armenia/08. We Take The Church By Storm/09. Resurrection By Erection/10. Midnight Messiah/11. St. Satan’s Day/12. Wolves Against The World

2011 – Blood Of The Saints/CD 1 – Blood Of The Saints – 01. Agnus Dei/02. Sanctified With Dynamite/03. We Drink Your Blood/04. Murder At Midnight/05. All We Need Is Blood/06. Dead Boys Don’t Cry/07. Son Of A Wolf/08. Night Of The Werewolves/09. Phantom Of The Funeral/10. Die, Die, Crucified/11. Ira Sancti [When The Saints Are Going Wild]/CD 2 – The Sacrilege Symphony – 01. Raise Your Fist, Evangelist [Orchestral Version]/02. In Blood We Trust [Orchestral Version]/03. Sanctified With Dynamite [Orchestral Version]/04. Ira Sancti [When The Saints Are Going Wild]/05. Moscow After Dark [Orchestral Version]

2013 – Preachers Of The Night/01. Amen & Attack/02. Secrets Of The Sacristy/03. Coleus Sanctus/04. Sacred & Wild/05. Kreuzfeuer/06. Cardinal Sin/07. In The Name Of God [Deus Vult]/08. Nochnoi Dozor/09. Lust For Blood/10. Extatum Et Oratum/11. Last Of The Living Dead/12. Amen & Attack [Orchestral Version]/13. Coleus Sanctus [Orchestral Version]/14. Kreuzfeuer [Orchestral Version]/15. Cardinal Sin [Orchestral Version]

2015 – Blessed & Possessed/CD 1 – Blessed & Possessed – 01. Blessed & Possessed/02. Dead Until Dark/03. Army Of The Night/04. Armata Strigoi/05. We Are The Wild/06. Higher Than Heaven/07. Christ & Combat/08. Sanctus Dominus/09. Sacramental Sister/10. All You Can Bleed/11. Let There Be Night/CD 2 – Metallum Nostrum – 01. Touch Of Evil [Judas Priest Cover]/02. Conquistadores [Running Wild Cover]/03. Edge Of Thorns [Savatage Cover]/04. Power And Glory [Running Wild Cover]/05. Out In The Fields [Gary Moore Cover]/06. Shot In The Dark [Ozzy Osbourne Cover]/07. Gods Of War Arise [Amon Amarth Cover]/08. The Evil That Men Do [Iron Maiden Cover]/09. Headless Cross [Black Sabbath Cover]/10. Night Crawler [Judas Priest Cover]

2018 – The Sacrament Of Sin/01. Fire & Forgive/02. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend/03. Killers With The Cross/04. Incense & Iron/05. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone/06. Stossgebet/07. Nightside Of Siberia/08. The Sacrament Of Sin/09. Venom Of Venus/10. Nighttime Rebel/11. Fist By Fist [Sacralize Or Strike]/12. Midnight Madonna


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