Pop Evil [mp3]


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2004 – War Of The Roses/01. Off You Go/02. Greetings From California/03. Wake Up/04. Levee/05. Denial/06. Loaded Shotgun& The Silver Spoon/07. Consequences/08. Glory/09. Out Of The Rain/10. Round The World/11. Candy

2008 – Lipstick on the Mirror/01. Hero/02. Breathe/03. Shinedown/04. 100 in a 55/05. Somebody Like You/06. 3 Seconds to Freedom/07. Another Romeo & Juliet/08. Stepping Stone/09. Jupiter in June/10. One More Goodbye/11. Ready or Not/12. Hard Highway/13. Hey Mister

2011 – War of Angels/01. Last Man Standing/02. Epitaph/03. Broken & Betrayed/04. Monster You Made/05. Let It Go/06. Boss’s Daughter/07. Daisy Chain/08. Purple/09. Black & Blue/10. Next Life/11. Good With the Bad (Bonus Track)/12. Last Man Standing (Manic Motor City Mayhem Remix) [Bonus Track]/13. Monster You Made (Acoustic Remix) [Bonus Track]/14. Unstoppable

2014 – Onyx/01. Goodbye My Friend/02. Deal With The Devil/03. Trenches/04. Torn To Pieces/05. Divide/06. Beautiful/07. Silence & Scars/08. Sick Sense/09. Fly Away/10. Behind Closed Doors/11. Welcome To Reality/12. Flawed/13. Beautiful (alternative bonus mix)/14. Torn To Pieces (bonus mix)/15. Trenches (feat, run d.m.c.)/16. Deal With The Devil (live in kansas city)

2015 – Up/01. Footsteps/02. Core/03. In Disarray/04. Take It All/05. Ghost of Muskegon/06. If Only For Now/07….(Instrumental)/08. Ways To Get High/09. Lux/10. Vendetta/11. Dead In the Water/12. Seattle Rain/13. Til Kingdom Come/14. My Confessions [Bonus Track]/15. Footsteps (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]

2018 – Pop Evil/01. Waking Lions/02. Color Bleed/03. Ex Machina/04. Art of War/05. Be Legendary/06. Nothing But Thieves/07. A Crime to Remember/08. God’s Dam/09. When We Were Young/10. Birds of Prey/11. Rewind


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