Oscar Benton [mp3]


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1968 – Feel So Good/01 – I Feel So Good/02 – Back Door Man/03 – Heartaching Blues/04 – Dedicated To Lofton/05 – Real Real Gone/06 – Gotta Move/07 – I May Be Wrong/08 – Lonesome Walker/09 – Rollin’ Man/10 – All By Myself/11 – That’s Why I Keep On asking/12 – Ten-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu

1969 – The Blues Is Gonna Wreck My Life/01 – I Ain’t Got The Feeling/02 – Five Long Years/03 – How The Blues Got Me/04 – Five Hundred Miles/05 – Have You Seen My Wife/06 – I’m A Blue Blues Singer/07 – The Blues Is Gonna Wreck My Life/08 – Dedicated To Lofton (part 2)/09 – My Sweet Angel

1981 – Bensonhurst Blues/01 Bensonhurst Blues/02 Wooly Booly Boogie/03 Draggin Around/04 Roll On Sweet Mississippi/05 Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow/06 Stop What You’re Doing/07 Took Me A Long Time/08 Come Back

1983 – My Kind Of Blues/01 – Bensonhurst Blues/02 – Wooly Booly Boogie/03 – The Long And Winding Road/04 – Busted/05 – Basin Street Blues/06 – Not The Same Dreams Anymore/07 – I Believe In Love/08 – St.Louis Blues/09 – Never Never Leave Me/10 – If You Go Away/11 – It Ain’t Nobody’s Business/12 – Now Can I Just Start Again/13 – My Petite Fleur/14 – The Three Bells/15 – I Feel So Good/16 – The Day I Got Rid Of The Blues/17 – Today Is Yesterday Tomorrow/18 – Roll On Sweet Missiissippi/19 – Stop What You’re Doing/20 – I Don’t Know/21 – Bensonhurst Blues (1972)

2003 – Home/01 Please Love Me/02 Home/03 Live Your Life Today/04 Still In The Game/05 Vitta Bella/06 How Could I Forget/07 Eve Of Destruction/08 Good Old Loving/09 When I’d Rule The World/10 Give It Up To Lve/11 Cold Cold Feeling/12 Good Old Lovin’ (Without Lead Vocals)

2008 – All I Ever Need Is You/01-All I Ever Need Is You/02-Everybody’s Telling Me/03-Roll On Sweet Mississipp/04-Bensonhurst Blues/05-Wooly Booly Boogie/06-Draggin Around/07-Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow/08-Stop What You’re Doing/09-Took Me A Long Time/10-Come Back/11-He’s Crazy/12-Josie/13-Never Never Leave Me/14-Rock’n’roller/15-You And I/16-I Don’t Know

2018 – I Am Back/01. Benjamin Wilder/02. I Am Back/03. Bensonhurst Blues Revisited/04. Like A Howlin’ Wolf/05. My Heart Skips A Beat/06. Fuzz ‘n Fight/07. I’ll Come Ridin’/08. My Love, Why/09. Blue Blues Singer Remake/10. Better Stop Cryin’/11. Brown Eyes/12. Old, But Happy


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