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2002 – Come Away With Me/01. Norah Jones, Don’t Know Why/02. Seven Years/03. Cold Cold Heart/04. Feelin’ The Same Way/05. Come Away With Me/06. Shoot The Moon/07. Turn Me On/08. Lonestar/09. I’ve Got To See You Again/10. Painter Song/11. One Flight Down/12. Nightingale/13. The Long Day Is Over/14. The Nearness Of You

2004 – Feels Like Home/01. Sunrise/02. What Am I to You/03. Those Sweet Words/04. Carnival Town/05. In the Morning/06. Be Here to Love Me/07. Creepin’ In/08. Toes/09. Humble Me/10. Above Ground/11. The Long Way Home/12. The Prettiest Thing/13. Don’t Miss You at All

2007 – Not Too Late/01. Wish I Could/02. Sinkin’ Soon/03. The Sun Doesn’t Like You/04. Until the End/05. Not My Friend/06. Thinking About You/07. Broken/08. My Dear Country/09. Wake Me Up/10. Be My Somebody/11. Little Room/12. Rosie’s Lullaby/13. Not Too Late

2009 – The Fall/01. Chasing Pirates/02. Even Though/03. Light as a Feather/04. Young Blood/05. I Wouldn’t Need You/06. Waiting/07. It’s Gonna Be/08. You’ve Ruined Me/09. Back to Manhatten/10. Stuck/11. December/12. Tell Yer Mama/13. Man of the Hour

2012 – Little Broken Hearts/01. Good Morning/02. Say Goodbye/03. Little Broken Hearts/04. She’s 22/05. Take It Back/06. After The Fall/07. 4 Broken Hearts/08. Travelin’ On/09. Out On The Road/10. Happy Pills/11. Miriam/12. All A Dream

2016 – Day Breaks/01. Burn/02. Tragedy/03. Flipside/04. It’s A Wonderful Time For Love/05. And Then There Was You/06. Don’t Be Denied/07. Day Breaks/08. Peace/09. Once I Had A Laugh/10. Sleeping Wild/11. Carry On/12. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)

2019 – Begin Again/01. My Heart Is Full/02. Begin Again/03. It Was You/04. A Song With No Name/05. Uh Oh/06. Wintertime/07. Just A Little Bit

2020 – Pick Me Up Off The Floor/01. How I Weep/02. Flame Twin/03. Hurts To Be Alone/04. Heartbroken, Day After/05. Say No More/06. This Life/07. To Live/08. I’m Alive/09. Were You Watching/10. Stumble On My Way/11. Heaven Above/12. Street Stranger (Bonus Track)/13. Tryin’ To Keep It Together (Bonus Track)


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