Motionless In White [mp3]


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2007 – The Whorror (EP)/01. The Whorror/02. Just When You/03. She Never Made It to the Emergency Room/04. We Put the Fun In Funeral/05. Black/06. Apocolips/07.

2008 – When Love Met Destruction (EP)/01. To Keep From Getting Burned/02. Ghost In The Mirror/03. Whatever You Do…Don’t Push The Red Button/04. Destroy Everything/05. Billy In 4C Never Saw It Coming/06. The Seventh Circle

2012 – Creatures/01. Immaculate Misconception/02. We Only Come Out At Night/03. London In Terror/04. Abigail/05. Creatures/06. Cobwebs/07. .Com Pt.II/08. Count Choulitis/09. City Lights/10. Puppets (The First Snow)/11. Undead Ahead/12. Scissorhands (The Last Snow)/13. Dragula/14. Creatures (Beauty Remix By Celldweller)/15. Mallevs Maleficarvm (Remix By Tim Skold)

2013 – Infamous/01. Black Damask/02. Devil’s Night/03. America (Feat. Michael Vampire)/04. Burned At Both Ends/05. The Divine Infection/06. Puppets 2 (The Rain) (Feat. Björn Speed Strid)/07. Sinematic/08. If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It (Feat. Brandan Schieppati)/09. Synthetic Love/10. Hatefuck/11. Underdog/12. Infamous/13. Sick From The Melt (Feat. Trevor Friedrich)/14. Fatal/15. America (Celldweller Remix)/16. Underdog (Ricky Horror Remix)/17. Sinematic (Combichrist Remix)/18. America (Radio Mix)

2014 – Reincarnate/01. Death March/02. Reincarnate/03. Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale)/04. Unstoppable/05. Everybody Sells Cocaine/06. Contemptress/07. Break The Cycle/08. Generation Lost/09. Dark Passenger/10. Wasp/11. Dead As Fuck/12. Final Dictvm/13. Carry The Torch/14. Sinematic (Acoustic Version)

2017 – Graveyard Shift/01. Rats/02. Queen For Queen/03. Necessary Evil (Feat. Jonathan Davis)/04. Soft/05. Untouchable/06. Not My Type Dead As Fuck 2/07. The Ladder/08. Voices/09. Loud (Fuck It)/10. 570/11. Hourglass/12. Eternally Yours

2019 – Disguise/01. Disguise/02. Headache/03. [,c0de]/04. Thoughts & Prayers/05. Legacy/06. Undead Ahead 2- The Tale Of The Midnight Ride/07. Holding On To Smoke/08. Another Life/09. Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave- Death Inc./10. Brand New Numb/11. Catharsis


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