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2013 – Electric Time/01. Dream Factor/02. In the Sand (feat. LMFAO)/03. Long Hibernation/04. Where The Kids Are (italo connection edit) (feat. Blondfire)/05. Euphoria (rhythym of my mind remix) (feat. Loreen)/06. Electric Time/07. All The Night (feat. Dario)/08. Lady Valentine (back to foretime mix) (feat. Monte Kristo)/09. Terrestrial Phenomenon/10. Lost Memories/11. Wing of Winds/12. Feel/13. Shining Echoes/14. Popcorn Revulotion/15. Run/16. In The Dark Of Night/17. One side of the truth (clubbing time mix) (feat. Ghost Girl)/18. Not The Other Guy (disco explosions mix) (feat. Nick Carter)

2013 – Kidnap My Soul/01. Brain Attack/02. Broken Vision/03. Chinese Forces Return/04. Critical Condition 2nd Act/05. Brand-new Horizon/06. Drenched (Mflex remix) (feat. Wanting)/07. Mysterious Space (remake)/08. Fear Of Outer Space/09. Temple Of Dreams/10. Sparkling Desire/11. Kirobbans Energia/12. Rainy Days 2/13. Wonderful Memories/14. Winner (dance light remix) (feat. PSB)/15. Reborn Dimension (remix)/16. Party Up All Night (HHM covered dance remix) (feat. Leo Samuelle)/17. Endless Illusion/18. I Want It That Way (Mflex remix) (feat. BSB)/19. Kidnap My Soul/20. The Light

2014 – Hear My Heartbeat Volume One/01. Search a Heart/02. Plays to Light/03. Waiting All Night/04. Dreams/05. Drive to Magicland/06. Need Your Love (L.E.)/07. Robot Dance/08. Wake Up, Michael! Wake Up!/09. Not War/10. Shine

2015 – Hear My Heartbeat Volume Two/01. Impulse/02. Invisible Miracles/03. Rock My Heart/04. Lover Tonight (L.E.)/05. Angel/06. Just You (feat. Rain Bow)/07. Rainy Days 3/08. Neverending Dreams (feat. Rain Bow)/09. Just a Fantasy/10. I Came in Like a Wrecking Ball/11. Invisible Miracles 2/12. Rainy Days 4/13. Where Are You/14. Magical Winter/15. Wonderful World

2017 – Reflection/01. Save the Earth/02. Night After Night/03. Dance with the Twilight/04. Games/05. Lisa/06. Stay Together/07. Won’t Let You Down (LE Beat)

2019 – Back To The Roots/01. Come Back/02. I’m Alone/03. Tonight/04. Just You And I/05. Love Tonight/06. Nothing To Hide/07. Secrets Of The Stars/08. Dreamwalker/09. Stay With Me Tonight/10. Christmas Time/11. Lies Cry Run/12. The Warmth/13. Burned By The Fire


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