Mastodon [mp3]


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2002 – Remission/01. Crusher Destroyer/ 02. March Of The Fire Ants/03. Where Strides The Behemoth/04. Workhorse/05. Ole’ Nessie/06. Burning Man/07.Trainwreck/08. Trampled Under Hoof/09. Trilobite/10. Mother Puncher/11. Elephant Man

2004 – Leviathan/01. Blood and Thunder/02. I Am Ahab/03. Seabeast/04. Island/05. Iron Tusk/06. Megalodon/07. Naked Burn/08. Aqua Dementia/09. Hearts Alive/10. Joseph Merrick/11. Where Strides the Behemoth/12. Battle at Sea/13. Thank You for This-We Built This Come Death/14. Crusher Destroyer/15. The Bit (Melvins Cover)

2006 – Blood Mountain/01. The Wolf Is Loose/02. Crystal Skull (Feat. Scott Kelly)/03. Sleeping Giant/04. Capillarian Crest/05. Circle Of Cysquatch/06. Bladecatcher/07. Colony Of Birchmen (Feat. Joshua Homme)/08. Hunters Of The Sky/09. Hand Of Stone/10. This Mortal Soil/11. Siberian Divide (Feat. Cedric Bixler-Zavala)/12. Pendulous Skin (Feat. Isaiah ‘Ikey’ Owens)/13. Crystal Skull (Live)

2009 – Crack The Skye/01. Oblivion/02. Divinations/03. Quintessence/04. The Czar/05. Ghost Of Karelia/06. Crack The Skye/07. The Last Baron/08. Just Got Paid

2011 – The Hunter/01. Black Tongue/02. Curl of the Burl/03. Blasteroid/04. Stargasm/05. Octopus Has No Friends/06. All the Heavy Lifting/07. The Hunter/08. Dry Bone Valley/09. Thickening/10. Creature Lives/11. Spectrelight/12. Bedazzled Fingernails/13. The Sparrow/14. Deathbound/15. The Ruiner

2014 – Once More ‘Round The Sun/01. Tread Lightly/02. The Motherload/03. High Road/04. One More ‘Round The Sun/05. Chimes At Midnight/06. Asleep In The Deep/07. Feast Your Eyes/08. Aunt Lisa/09. Ember City/10. Halloween/11. Diamond In The Witch House

2017 – Emperor Of Sand/01. Sultan’s Curse/02. Show Yourself/03. Precious Stones/04. Steam breath er/05. Roots Remain/06. Word To The Wise/07. Ancient Kingdom/08. Clandestiny/09. Andromeda/10. Scorpion Breath/11. Jaguar God


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