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CD 1

2005 – Without You Near/01. Clear Blue(feat. Elevation)/02. Arial/03. First Time(feat. Anita Kelsey)/04. Without You Near(Departure with Gabriel & Dresden) (Coldharbour Mix)/05. Once Again(feat. Carrie Skipper)/06. You Won’t See Me Cry 2005/07. Never Be The Same(feat. Carrie Skipper)/08. Red Eye To Miami/09. Ballymena(feat. Airwave)/10. Peaches And Cream(feat. Interstate)/11. Travelling Light(feat. Anita Kelsey)/12. Sorrow Has No Home/13. Without You Near(Departure with Gabriel & Dresden) (Reprise)

2007 – Progression/01. I Am(vs. Chakra)/02. Spilled Cranberries/03. On A Wave(feat. Anita Kelsey)/04. Lost Cause(feat. Carrie Skipper)/05. Mainstage/06. Fly To Colors/07. Let It Go/08. Daydream(feat. Andy Moor)/09. SLA9/10. Perfect(feat. Dauby)/11. Trinidad To Miami/12. Cause You Know(feat. Departure)/13. Cause You Know(feat. Departure) (Is This The End)

2009 – Thoughts Become Things (Dakota)/01. Chinook/02. Johnny The Fox/03. Sin City/04. The Doorway/05. Koolhaus/06. Steel Libido/07. Lima/08. Roxy ’84/09. Re-Swirl/10. Mr. Cappuccino

2010 – Do You Dream/01. Alpha State/02. Away(feat. Sir Adrian)/03. Rain/04. Dark Heart Waiting(feat. Khaz)/05. Not The Same(feat. Jennifer Rene)/06. Do You Dream (Uplifting Vocal Mix)/07. Last Man Standing(feat. Khaz)/08. Surreal(feat. Ana Criado)/09. Unsaid(feat. Susana)/10. Lifted(feat. Angelique Bergere)/11. Perception(feat. Justine Suissa)/12. The New World/13. Lightwave(feat. Angelique Bergere)/14. 65.4Hz/15. What Could Have Been/16. Goodbye(Max Graham feat. Jessica Riddle)

2011 – Thoughts Become Things II (Dakota)/01. Gypsy Room/02. Red Star/03. Sleepwalkers/04. I’m Where It Went Wrong/05. Sinners/06. Terrace 5 AM/07. Katowice/08. Tears/09. Suggestion No. 5/10. In A Green Valley/11. Miami/12. Cape Town/13. Saints/14. Apollo

2012 – Scream/01. Our Moment (Intro Mix)/02. Loops And Tings(vs. Ferry Corsten)/03. Nothing Without Me(feat. Ana Diaz)/04. Love Rain Down(feat. Seri)/05. Carry On(feat. Jaren)/06. Deep In The Night(feat. Fiora)/07. Caught(feat. Adina Butar)/08. Triotonic(with Elevation & KhoMha)/09. Soul Seeking/10. Sing Me Back To Life(feat. Aruna)/11. Don’t Leave Until The Sunrise/12. Until It’s Gone(feat. Trevor Guthrie)/13. Universe Is Mine(feat. Adina Butar)/14. Tempted(feat. Sarah Howells)/15. Absolution(feat. Mark Frisch)/16. I Like It(feat. Khaz & E.L.I)/17. Digital Madness/18. Scream(feat. Ken Spector)/19. Finish Line(& Elevation)


CD 2

2014 – Scream 2/01. Reloaded/02. Revolution(with Venom One feat. Chris Madin)/03. Blown Away(feat. Liz Primo)/04. Remember This/05. Erase You(feat. Lady V)/06. Destino/07. Muse(feat. Adina Butar)/08. Dancing In The Key Of Life/09. Lord Knows(feat. Liz Horsman)/10. Fireworks(with Klauss Goulart feat. Paul Aiden)/11. In The Shadows/12. Make You Fall(feat. CeCe Peniston)/13. Mango/14. Mardi Gras/15. Gravity(feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)/16. Reflection/17. Towards The Sun(with Rex Mundi)

2016 – Watch The World/01. Code 10-66/02. In the night(ft.Brooke Tomlinson)/03. Love me like you never did(ft.Ethan Thompson)/04. Destiny(ft.Delacey)/05. A better you/06. I hear you calling(ft. Cayo)/07. Leaving la(ft. Nikki Flores)/08. Let it rain(ft. Helen)/09. Fears(Kyau and Albert)/10. Facedown(ft. Soundland)/11. Waiting/12. You and i(ft. Adina Butar)/13. Watch the world(ft. Lady V)/14. Summer dream(ft. Mia Koo)/15. Favorite nightmare(ft. Delacey)/16. Soldier(ft. Naguale)/17. Rewind/18. In the night(ft. Brooke Tomlinson) (acoustic)/19. Love me like you never did(ft. Ethan Thompson) (acoustic)/20. Destiny(ft. Delacey) (acoustic)/21. I hear you calling(ft. Cayo)(acoustic)/22. Let it rain(ft. Helen) (acoustic)/23. Fears(Kyau and Albert) (acoustic)/24. Facedown(ft. Soundland) (acoustic)/25. You and i(ft. Adina Butar) (acoustic)/26. Watch the world(ft. Lady V) (acoustic)/27. Summer dream(ft. Mia Koo) (acoustic)

2017 – The Nine Skies (Dakota)/01. The Nine Skies Intro/02. Bravo On The Go/03. Follow Me/04. Mota – Mota(feat. Koen Groeneveld)/05. Who Are You/06. Searching/07. Running Up That Hill (Feat. Bev Wild)/08. Eve’s Doorway/09. Edonismo/10. Kismet/11. The Way It Is/12. Cafe Del Mar/13. The Master/14. Carbonado/15. In Search Of Something Better/16. Future Shock/17. The Spirit Of The Warrior/18. The Ninth Sky/19. The Nine Skies (Continuous Mix)

2018 – We Are The Light/01. The Awakening/02. Road of No Return(Seri feat. Omnia)/03. You Light Up The Night(feat. Alina Eremia)/04. We Are The Light/05. Heaven/06. Far(feat. Lachi)/07. Together(feat. Jared Lee)/08. The Dreamers(feat. Smiley)/09. Flight of The Phoenix/10. 51°11′17″N 10°3′10″E (We Haven’t Lost Our Way)(feat. Soundland)/11. Calling For Love(feat. Adina Butar)/12. Breathe Me To Life(feat. Christina Novelli)/13. Safe From Harm(feat. Jared Lee)/14. Symphony of Stars/15. Utopia/16. Upon My Shoulders(feat. Sebu Capital Cities)/17. The Awakening (Acoustic)/18. Road of No Return(with Omnia & Seri) (Acoustic)/19. You Light Up The Night(feat. Alina Eremia) (Acoustic)/20. We Are The Light(feat. Nikki Flores) (Acoustic)/21. Heaven (Acoustic)/22. Far(feat. Lachi) (Acoustic)/23. Together(feat. Jared Lee) (Acoustic)/24. The Dreamers(feat. Smiley) (Acoustic)/25. 51°11′17″N 10°3′10″E (We Haven’t Lost Our Way) (Acoustic)/26. Calling For Love(feat. JES) (Acoustic)/27. Breathe Me To Life(feat. Adina Butar) (Acoustic)/28. Safe From Harm(feat. Emma Hewitt) (Acoustic)/29. Symphony of Stars(feat. Christina Novelli) (Acoustic)/30. Utopia(feat. Jared Lee) (Acoustic)/31. Upon My Shoulders(feat. Sebu Capital Cities) (Acoustic)

2020 – Escape/01. Escape/02. Feel Alive(feat. London Thor & Valentino Alessandrini)/03. Turn Me Down(with Singa)/04. Make It Last Forever(with Ethan Thompson & Soundland)/05. Not Afraid To Fall(with Christina Novelli)/06. Circle Around Me/07. In Search Of Sunrise(feat. Adina Butar)/08. Tidal Wave(with HALIENE)/09. Second Day(with JES)/10. Blue Dream/11. Sunday Chords/12. Indestructible(feat. Adina Butar)/13. Are You With Me(feat. Daimy Lotus) [Club Mix]/14. Wait For You(with Christian Burns)/15. Gold Dust(with Roxanne Emery)


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