Marillion 1ч2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1983 – Script For A Jester’s Tear/01. Script For A Jester’s Tear/02. He Knows You Know/03. The Web/04. Garden Party/05. Chelsea Monday/06. Forgotten Sons

1984 – Fugazi/01. Assassing/02. Punch & Judy/03. Jigsaw/04. Emerald Lies/05. She Chameleon/06. Incubus/07. Fugazi

1985 – Misplaced Childhood/01. Pseudo Silk Kimono/02. Kayleigh/03. Lavender/04. Bitter Suite/05. Heart Of Lothian/06. Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)/07. Lords Of The Backstage/08. Blind Curve/09. Childhoods End?/10. White Feather

1987 – Clutching at Straws/01. Hotel Hobbies/02. Warm Wet Circles/03. That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)/04. Going Under/05. Just for the Record/06. White Russian/07. Incommunicado/08. Torch Song/09. Slainte Mhath/10. Sugar Mice/11. The Last Straw

1989 – Seasons End/01. The King Of Sunset Town/02. Easter/03. The Uninvited Guest/04. Seasons End/05. Holloway Girl/06. Berlin/07. After Me/08. Hooks In You/09. The Space…

1991 – Holidays in Eden/01. Splintering Heart/02. Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)/03. The Party/04. No One Can/05. Holidays in Eden/06. Dry Land/07. Waiting To Happen/08. This Town/09. The Rakes Progress/10. 100 Nights
CD 2

1994 – Brave/01. Bridge/02. Living With The Big Lie/03. Runaway/04. Goodbye To All That/05. Hard As Love/06. The Hollow Man/07. The Lap Of Luxury/08. Paper Lies/09. Brave/10. The Great Escape/11. Made Again

1995 – Afraid Of Sunlight/01. Gazpacho/02. Cannibal Surf Babe/03. Beautiful/04. Afraid of Sunrise/05. Out of This World/06. Afraid of Sunlight/07. Beyond You/08. King

1997 – This Strange Engine/01. Man Of A Thousand Faces/02. One Fine Day/03. 80 Days/04. Estonia/05. Memory Of Water/06. An Accidental Man/07. Hope For The Future/08. This Strange Engine

1998 – Radiation/01. Costa del Slough/02. Under the Sun/03. The Answering Machine/04. Three Minute Boy/05. Now She’ll Never Know/06. These Chains/07. Born to Run/08. Cathedral Wall/09. A Few Words For The Dead/10. Estonia (Acoustic Studio Version)/11. Memory of Water (Big Beat mix)


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