Magnum 2ч2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

2004 – Brand New Morning/01. Brand New Morning/02. It’s Time To Come Together/03. We All Run/04. The Blue And The Grey/05. I’d Breathe For You/06. The Last Goodbye/07. Immigrant Son/08. Hard Road/09. The Scarecrow

2007 – Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow/01. When We Were Younger/02. Eyes Wide Open/03. Like Brothers We Stand/04. Out Of The Shadows/05. Dragons Are Real/06. Inside Your Head/07. Be Strong/08. Thank You For The Day/09. Your Lies/10. Desperate Times/11. You’ll Never Sleep/12. Like Brothers We Stand (Radio Edit)

2009 – Into the Valley of the Moonking/01. Intro/02. Cry To Yourself/03. All My Bridges/04. Take Me To The Edge/05. The Moon King/06. No One Knows His Name/07. In My Mind’s Eye/08. Time To Cross That River/09. If I Ever Love My Mind/10. A Face In The Crowd/11. Feels Like Treason/12. Blood On Your Barbed Wire Thorns

2010 – The Visitation/01. Black Skies/02. Doors To Nowhere/03. The Visitation/04. Wild Angels/05. Spin Like A Wheel/06. The Last Frontier/07. Freedom Day/08. Mother Nature’s Final Dance/09. Midnight Kings/10. Tonight’s The Night
CD 2

2012 – On the 13th Day/CD1 – 01. All The Dreamers/02. Blood Red Laughter/03. Didn’t Like You Anyway/04. On The 13th Day/05. So Let It Rain/06. Dance Of The Black Tattoo/07. Shadow Town/08. Putting Things In Place/09. Broken Promises/10. See How They Fall/11. From Within/CD2 – 01. Those Were The Days/02. Eyes Like Fire/03. Blood Red Laughter/04. We All Need To Be Loved/05. Shadow Town/06. The Moon King

2014 – Escape From the Shadow Garden/01. Live Til You Die/02. Unwritten Sacrifice/03. Falling For The Big Plan/04. Crying In The Rain/05. Too Many Clowns/06. Midnight Angel/07. The Art Of Compromise/08. Don’t Fall Asleep/09. Wisdom’s Had Its Day/10. Burning River/11. The Valley Of Tears

2016 – Sacred Blood, “Divine” Lies/01. Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies/02. Crazy Old Mothers/03. Gypsy Queen/04. Princess In Rags (The Cult)/05. Your Dreams Won’t Die/06. Afraid Of The Night/07. A Forgotten Conversation/08. Quiet Rhapsody/09. Twelve Men Wise And Just/10. Don’t Cry Baby/11. The Phantom Of Paradise Circus/12. Don’t Grow Up (Bonus Track For Japan)/13. No God Or Saviour (Bonus Track For Japan)

2018 – Lost on the Road to Eternity/01. Peaches and Cream/02. Show Me Your Hands/03. Storm Baby/04. Welcome to the Cosmic Cabaret/05. Lost on the Road to Eternity/06. Without Love/07. Tell Me What You’ve Got to Say/08. Ya Wanna Be Someone/09. Forbidden Masquerade/10. Glory to Ashes/11. King of the World


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