Madonna 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1983 – Madonna – The First Album/01. Lucky Star/02. Borderline/03. Burning Up/04. I Know It/05. Holiday/06. Think Of Me/07. Physical Attraction/08. Everybody

1984 – Like A Virgin/01. Material Girl/02. Angel/03. Like A Virgin/04. Over And Over/05. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore/06. Into The Groove/07. Dress You Up/08. Shoo-Bee-Doo/09. Pretender/10. Stay

1986 – True Blue/01. Papa Don’t Preach/02. Open Your Heart/03. White Heat/04. Live To Tell/05. Where’s The Party/06. True Blue/07. La Isla Bonita/08. Jimmy Jimmy/09. Love Makes The World Go Round

1987 – Who’s That Girl (Soundtrack)/01. Madonna – Who’s That Girl/02. Causing A Commotion/03. The Look of Love/04. 24 Hours/05. Step By Step/06. Turn It Up/07. Best Thing Ever/08. Can’t Stop/09. El Coco Loco (So So Bad)

1989 – Like A Prayer/01. Like A Prayer/02. Express Yourself/03. Love Song/04. Till Death Do Us Part/05. Promise To Try/06. Cherish/07. Dear Jessie/08. Oh Father/09. Keep It Together/10. Spanish Eyes/11. Act Of Contrition

1990 – I’m Breathless (Soundtrack)/01. He’s A Man/02. Sooner Or Later/03. Hanky Panky/04. I’m Going Bananas/05. Cry Baby/06. Something To Remember/07. Back In Business/08. More/09. What Can You Lose/10. Now I’m Following You (Part I)/11. Now I’m Following You (Part II)/12. Vogue

1992 – Erotica/01. Erotica/02. Fever/03. Bye Bye Baby/04. Deeper And Deeper/05. Where Life Begins/06. Bad Girl/07. Waiting/08. Thief Of Hearts/09. Words/10. Rain/11. Why’s It So Hard/12. In This Life/13. Did You Do It/14. Secret Garden

1994 – Bedtime Stories/01. Survival/02. Secret/03. I’d Rather Be Your Lover/04. Don’t Stop/05. Inside Of Me/06. Human Nature/07. Forbidden Love/08. Love Tried to Welcome Me/09. Sanctuary/10. Bedtime Story/11. Take A Bow

1996 – Evita (Soundtrack)/01. Requiem For Evita/02. Oh! What A Circus/03. On This Night Of A Thousand Stars/04. Eva And Magaldi – Eva Beware Of The City/05. Buenos Aires/06. Another Suitcase In Another Hall/7. Goodnight And Thank You/08. I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You/09. Peron’s Latest Flame/10. A New Argentina/11. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina/12. High Flying, Adored/13. Rainbow High/14. And The Money Kept Rolling {In And Out}/15. She Is A Diamond/16. Waltz For Eva And Che/17. You Must Love Me/18. Eva’s Final Broadcast/19. Lament

CD 2

1998 – Ray Of Light/01. Drowned World-Substitute For Love/02. Swim/03. Ray Of Light/04. Candy Perfume Girl/05. Skin/06. Nothing Really Matters/07. Sky Fits Heaven/08. Shanti-Ashtangi/09. Frozen/10. The Power Of Goodbye/11. To Have And Not To Hold/12. Little Star/13. Mer Girl/14. Has To Be

2000 – Music/01. Music/02. Impressive Instant/03. Runaway Lover/04. I Deserve it/05. Amazing/06. Nobody’s Perfect/07. Don’t Tell Me/08. What it Feels Like For a/09. Paradise (Not For Me)/10. Gone/11. American Pie/12. Cyber-Raga

2003 – American Life/01. American Life/02. Hollywood/03. I’m So Stupid/04. Love Profusion/05. Nobody Knows Me/06. Nothing Fails/07. Intervention08. X-Static Process/09. Mother and Father/10. Die Another Day/11. Easy Ride

2006 – Confessions on a DanceFloor/01. Hung Up/02. Get Together/03. Sorry/04. Future Lovers/05. I Love New York/06. Let It Will Be/07. Forbidden Love/08. Jump/09. How High/10. Isaac/11. Push/12. Like It Or Not/13. Fighting Spirit

2008 – Hard Candy/01. Candy Shop/02. 4 Minutes/03. Give It 2 Me/04. Heartbeat/05. Miles Away/06. She’s Not Me/07. Incredible/08. Beat Goes On/09. Dance 2Night/10. Spanish Lesson/11. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You/12. Voices/13. Ring My Bell

2012 – MDNA/CD1 – 01.Madonna – Girl Gone Wild/02. Gang Bang/03. I’m Addicted/04. Turn Up the Radio/05. Give Me All Your Luvin'(ft. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.)/06. Some Girls/07. Superstar/08. I Don’t Give A(ft. Nicki Minaj)/09. I’m a Sinner/10. Love Spent/11. Masterpiece/12. Falling Free/CD2 – 01. Beautiful Killer/02. I Fucked Up/03. B-day Song(ft. M.I.A.)/04. Best Friend/05. Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Party Rock Remix)(ft. LMFAO & Nicki Minaj)

2015 – Rebel Heart/01. Living For Love/02. Devil Pray/03. Ghosttown/04. Unapologetic Bitch/05. Illuminati/06. Bitch I’m Madonna (Feat. Nicki Minaj)/07. Hold Tight/08. Joan Of Arc/09. Iconic (Feat. Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson)/10. HeartBreakCity/11. Body Shop/12. Holy Water/13. Inside Out/14. Wash All Over Me/15. Best Night/16. Veni Vidi Vici (Feat. Nas)/17. S.E.X./18. Messiah/19. Rebel Heart/20. Auto-Tune Baby

2019 – Madame X/01. Medellin(& Maluma)/02. Dark Ballet/03. God Control/04. Future(& Quavo)/05. Batuka/06. Killers Who Are Partying/07. Crave(& Swae Lee)/08. Crazy/09. Come Alive/10. Extreme Occident/11. Faz Gostoso (Feat. Anitta)/12. Bitch I’m Loca (Feat. Maluma)/13. I Don’t Search I Find/14. Looking For Mercy/15. I Rise


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