Lucifer’s Friend [mp3]


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1970 – Lucifer’s Friend/01. Ride In The Sky/02. Everybody’s Clown/03. Keep Goin’/04. Toxic Shadows/05. Free Baby/06. Baby Yoy’re A Liar/07. In The Time Of Job/08. Lucifer’s Friend/09. Rock’n’Roll Singer/10. Satyr’s Dance/11. Horla/12. Our World Is A Rock’n’Roll Band/13. Alpenrosen

1972 – Where the Groupies Killed the Blues/01. Hobo/02. Rose On The Vine/03. Mother/04. ….Where The Groupies Killed The Blues/05. Prince Of Darkness/06. Summerdream/07. Burning Ships

1973 – I’m Just A Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer/01. Groovin’ Stone/02. Closed Curtains/03. Born On The Run/04. Blind Freedom/05. Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer/06. Lonely City Days/07. Mary’s Breakdown/08. Song For Louie

1974 – Banquet/01. Spanish Galleon/02. Thus Spoke Oberon03. High Flying Lady – Goodbye04. Sorrow/05. Dirty Old Town

1976 – Mind Exploding/01. Moonshine Rider/02. Blind Boy/03. Broken Toys/04. Fugitive/05. Natural Born Mover/06. Free Hooker/07. Yesterday’s Ideals

1978 – Good Time Warrior/01. Old Man Roller/02. I’ll Meet You In L.A./03. My Love/04. Good Times/05. Little Dancer/06. Sweet Little Lady/07. Gamblin’ Man/08. Warriors

1980 – Sneak Me In/01. Goodbye Girls/02. Sneak Me In/03. Foxy Lady/04. Love Hymn/05. Stardancer/06. Indian Summer/07. Don’t You Know What I Like/08. Cosmic Crusader

1981 – Mean Machine/01. One Way Street To Heartbreak/02. Hey Driver/03. Fire And Rain/04. Mean Machine/05. Cool Hand Killer/06. Action/07. Born To The City/08. One Night Sensation/09. Let Me Down Slow/10. Bye Bye Sadie

2016 – Too Late to Hate/01. Demolition Man/02. Jokers & Fools/03. When Children Cry/04. Straight for the Heart/05. Tell Me Why/06. Don’t Talk to Strangers/07. I Will Be There/08. This Time/09. Tears/10. Sea of Promises/11. Brothers Without a Name/12. When You’re Gone (Live)

2019 – Black Moon/01. Black Moon/02. Passengers/03. Rolling the Stone/04. Behind the Smile/05. Palace of Fools/06. Call the Captain/07. Little Man/08. Freedom/09. Taking it to the Edge/10. Glory Days


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